Next year is going to be a good one. The primary release I think that we are all looking at are going to be 6th edition. Beyond that the codex schedule is rumored to be along the lines of......

1. Black Templar Q1
2. Tau Empire Q2
3. 6th Edition Q3
4. Chaos Legions Q3
5. Craftworld Eldar Q4

Now, that is a big plate for a single year. Personally I do not think its happening. Lets look at a few things being said...

via MajorWesJanson

From Harry and other rumor sources, I'm far more inclined to believe that we will see BT in March/April, Tau in May, 6th in July, new starter (Chaos vs someone, Eldar?) in August/September, and one more codex in Oct/nov, likely Chaos Marines/Legions. Eldar after that.
Now, lets get down to what Harry has said.
via Harry in response to Major WesJanson
Don't know how you got all that from anything I said.
I don't think Tau are coming anywhere near as soon as most people think.
I do think CSM are the first sixth edition book but not sure if they come just before or just after 6th edition.

Now rumors have it that Vampire Counts will be released in January for Warhammer Fantasy, so lets just count January out for 40k. That does present March as a great candidate for the next codex release. But what is it going to be?

I am really thinking we have all these release rumors mixed up. I disagree with MajorWes Janson on his release predictions, not only because of what I have been told, but because I do not think the releases this coming year will be so packed full.

My prediction so far is that there will be three codex's this coming year along with the release of 6th edition. From my own sources I have heard that "Tau and Chaos Legions are sitting on the desk of proof readers", but that does not give me a time line. Other sources have said Tau have been ready for release for some time, but even Harry today thinks they are still off a bit.

If its too much for a single year, one has to go, so which 3 would it be for 2012? We have heard next to nothing on Black Templar, and they are rumored to be next. Even Tau rumors have been pretty thin so far. Chaos Legions rumors are starting to come forward, but that could be due to popularity. The earliest rumor I have seen placed Chaos Legions in the March/April slot. Eldar we are even less sure about, but their earliest release seems to be after 6th edition, sometime towards the end of next year.

I am trying to refine before the end of this year a 2012 timeline, but what is it going to be?


  1. Four codexes (codices? codexii??) AND a major edition change seems unlikely to me.

    However, Necrons being released in November would mean that some Imperial codex should come next. As Sisters are messed up by White Drawf (they were originally rumored to come 2011 Q4 / 2012 Q1 when people were expecting NEcrons late summer) I think Black Templar are the prime contenders here. Let's hope they will not have a rushed codex... although I really do think that IF they come in e.g. February, there should be more rumours about them. Let's hope it's not another WD update...

    As for Tau, they are rumored for a long time and definitely in need of a new codex. However, Tau being next would break the imperial-xeno pattern.

    Chaos should come right after 6th ed, and maybe Eldar in November 2012 just like DE and Necrons did.

    I would be more than happy to see all 4 books and 6th ed. arrive next year. This year we only had two codexes (as far as I know, GKs were intended for a Q1 release but were delayed because of the immense success of the DE codex), the year before that, 3.

    DE caused a havoc in 2010 Q4-2011Q1, so releasing only 2 codexes in 2011 and trying to sell more and more DE was a financially wise dicision. However, I do not see Necrons nearly as popular as DE were one year ago, so maybe - just maybe - we can have a January-February release. (But we have too few rumours for that).

    After that, in April, 2nd codex, in June-July, 6th ed (let's hope it's not like the Summer of Flyers thing hat never happened), szeptember 3rd book, december 4th book. Seems too rushed for me. Considering GW I would even dare saying that maybe it's codex 1 on April, 6th ed. in August, codex 2 in november and that's it. Let's hope I'm wrong :)

  2. I would love it if Games Workshop released codex after codex after edition after codex like these rumors suggested! If they released like, a codex every quarter, (probably every other quarter), they would make money from people buying codices and starting new armies, and players who have been stuck with a bad codex might dust off their old models and start playing again. My daemons need love. please.

  3. First, let me say I appreciate the efforts you go to in order to try and give us a good idea of timelines.

    I present for your consideration a small fact which I feel may have been overlooked. Some say you can't have a 'new army' prior to a new edition. Daemons were a 'new army' with 5th edition rules, released just before 5th edition while everyone still played 4th edition.

    Could Chaos Legions, who are technically a 'new army', be the last pre-6th edition codex?

    You may think I've gone mad but hear me out. From looking at the amount of detail in the rumours, and detail alone, the order appears to be:

    1)Chaos Legions has more rumours with more details.
    2)Tau are less than Legions but more than...

    I know, they're rumours. Where is the Necron Necromancer? Where are the Battle Sisters? Where is the summer of fliers? Did these not have details!?

    But could it be: (1)Chaos Legions, (2)6th Edition, (3) Tau, (4)Eldar?

    PS: This is just a theory, I've not heard anything to support this.

  4. I guess what ever is in the starter box is going to be given a new codex rather soon after the release of the starter box. Or even slightly before.

    So if the Eldar are in the starter set i guess they would recive a new codex before Tau.

  5. The only flaw with Chaos before 6th only has one flaw, which is that it might detract from the (apparent) awesomeness of the new edition.
    Apart from that, the suggestion abut Chaos just before 6th ed. sounds logical, so I don't expect GW to do it. ;)

  6. Unfortunately, I think this timeline is way to aggressive for GW, and it doesn't take into account fantasy.
    Also, I think it depends on if GW considers Chaos Legions as "space marines" or "xenos".
    Personally, I think the only way we get that many codex(??? What IS the plural?) Is if they give several the white dwarf treatment (shudders).

  7. @Archon
    White dwarf codex is an unholy trinity of words. Get down on your knees and beg for deliverance from damnation! lol :)

    Good point.

  8. Plural of Codex is Codices...

    co·dex   [koh-deks]
    noun, plural co·di·ces  [koh-duh-seez, kod-uh-]
    1. a quire of manuscript pages held together by stitching: the earliest form of book, replacing the scrolls and wax tablets of earlier times.
    2. a manuscript volume, usually of an ancient classic or the Scriptures.
    3. Archaic . a code; book of statutes.
    1575–85; < Latin cōdex, caudex tree-trunk, book

    just saying...

  9. Yeah, but in this hobby, people often call them codexes. Point taken though.

  10. 3 codexes and an edition release I can see happening (2008 was Orks, Daemons, 5th, and VSM IIRC)but not 4, and if we did get 4 then they would probably have fairly sparse releases (though in that case I could see BT being one of them as they probably wouldn't have more than two boxes and maybe some characters at their release).

  11. as long as they include the forgeworld stuff. what is the difference between CSM and CL? unless there's substantial changes, take as long as they like.


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