I know I have taken my time getting to this point, but its time for me to start delving deep into the latest codex release, Necrons.

First off I am going to say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading the entire codex from cover to cover, with a slight hesitation and skipping of the dynasties. I did go back to read it, but for me it was the low point of the book.

I thought the book was well written, and the background and new fluff is exciting to read through. I know old timers that have been loyal to the necrons in the past still dislike the new fluff, but I really liked it. Background like the War in Heaven is great stuff, and ties into the other races well.

There was even a couple surprises that caught me off guard, like the message from Trazyn the Infinite to Inquisitor Valeria. Quite the deadly exchange that I will not ruin for future readers.

I have already fixed my ideas into several lists, and some of those ideas I will delve into in the coming days. In doing several list building exercises I have come to a few conclusions about the Necrons. One of which is; this not a MSU army where every slot of the Force Organization chart will be used. You have to design carefully and strategically.

Other surprises for me are the troop choices. I expected to want Immortals in my lists. Amazingly enough, I have began to like warriors over the Immortals. So I will tackle that first.


  1. Dear Natfka, as much as I appreciate your efforts at collating rumours and news, as much does your assessment of style, gw practice and, most of all, tactical assessment of individual unit strengths lack merit and insight. To German readers I suggest 40kings. This tournament focused site has some real experts. And Not surprisingly, the latest necron Codex, though allowing some feasible options is found lacking in many aspects. Still, thx for your Blog.

  2. To the guy plugging 40kings.. Maybe it was a language/translation issue but the post seemed fairly rude. Maybe I read it wrong. His insight into tactics and unit strengths seems pretty spot on and at the very least left open for discussion. It's why his blog is the only one I actually have bookmarked! Keep up the good work and I look forward to you necron assessment! -opial

  3. Mr Natfka

    I enjoyed reading the codex, like you from cover to cover, and found each of the unit descriptions firing my imagination. Having read the dynasties, I've desided to invent my own. They weren't very inspiring. Over time, I've studied units and wargear to meet criteria I need to batttle my opponent. I've also enjoyed joining a blog where I learned of different ways of battling. But in the end, as my army grows, I'm going to have a bit of everything.

    If I were to have one change it would be to take the C'tan out the list. Keep the fluff, don't keep the fluff, I'm not too bothered either way. Before anyone hits me, my reason is simple: HAVE FORGE WORLD MAKE HUGE MODELS, WITH GARGANTUAN CREATURE RULES, AND POWERS ONLY AN APOCALYPSE GAME COULD GET AWAY WITH. Hahahahahaaaaaa!

    If the Bloodthirster is anything to go by, or the rules of that Lord of Change, I believe forge world, and only forge world, can do the stargods justice.

    Just my opinion.

  4. once u posted that death marks deep stiking in enemy turn is only gonna ge them kill, i beg to differ the DS rule states the turn they arrive in they can shoot, so by that means if they arrive in ur turn they shoot in ur turn, if they arrive in enemy turn they shoot in enemy turn. plz read pg95 of rule book.
    regards Burstear

  5. It says they can shoot and run normally, which means can u shoot in your opponents phase? No thr is no rule in codex necron that would break tht rule, nice try tho

  6. Unless playing planetstike, an enemy can't charge in a turn they deep strike. Your enemy will be deep sriking in their turn, which doesn't prevent them running or shooting you but that's all. When your turn comes, shoot them. Obviously there is nothing stopping the rest of your enemy army from assaulting you or blasting you to splinters.

  7. the rule says they can shot or run normally, that is correct but the rest of the sentence in that rule also says that they can shoot in that turns shooting phase, meaning that turn in which they arrive i.e the enemy shooting phase.

  8. @ burstear i see ur point and at first i thought u were a fool who should read the rules more, for thinking they get a out of turn shooting, but after reading and re-reading and re-re-reading the deep stike rule and the ethereal interception rule, i think ur right, this will change alot of peoples thinking i bet and most likely piss alot of people off.

  9. This sounds like a rule for thursdays rules discussion.


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