New artwork from the Black Library is always something I am excited about. It just brings to life the visuals of our hobby. This latest is a piece featuring one of my oldschool favorites, Dark Angels.
via the Black Library
This image comes from the talented hands of Cheoljoo Lee, the artist who produced the awesome Salamanders covers and works on the Warhammer Heroes series. As we’ve come to expect from Cheoljoo, this new artwork is a stunning rendition of a Space Marine that really captures the essence of the Chapter.

The story focuses on an Imperial Guard veteran, Reagan Antigone, who is being honoured for his actions in a long-ago battle against the forces of Chaos.

But when his old comrade, a Dark Angels Space Marine, appears for the celebration, Antigone’s account of the victory is called into question. As is usual with the enigmatic Dark Angels, not all is as it seems, and shadowy figures from the past come back to haunt the veteran Guardsman.

Malediction will be released in August next year

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