Necron erratas have been released. These come off the the Games Workshop Spanish site. These may be specific to the spanish version of the codex, but here they are. I also posted a google translation piece afterwards.


P47.- Corredor dimensional. Sustituye la primera frase por “[...] elige una unidad de Necrones amiga que no sea un vehículo[...]”

P50.- Rayo de muerte. Sustituye la tercera frase por: “Cada unidad (tanto amiga como enemiga) que quede bajo esta línea, sufrirá un número de impactos igual al número de miniaturas de dicha unidad que se encuentren bajo la línea.”

P53.- Plataforma de reparación. Sustituye la tercera frase por “[...] añade 1D3 miniaturas a la unidad (las miniaturas pueden mover y actuar de forma normal ese turno) . Esto no puede hacer que el número de miniaturas de la unidad supere su número inicial.”

Google translation done by Andilus Greatsword

Here's the straight-up Google translation
P47 .- dimensional corridor. Replace the first sentence "[...] Choose a friend Necron unit other than a vehicle [...]"

P50 .- Ray of death. Replace the third sentence: "Each unit (both friendly and enemy) that it is under this line, suffer a number of hits equal to the number of thumbnails of the unit who are under the line. "

P53 .- Platform repair. Replace the third sentence "[...] added by the unit 1D3 thumbnails (thumbnails can move and act normally that turn). this does not can make the number of models in the unit exceeds their initial number."

I think thumbnails = models or units... Anyway, it seems really weird that they're allowing you to target friendly models with the Death Ray.


  1. deathray doesn´t TARGET UNITS it targets a point and you can HIT friendly models with the line
    so yes you can shoot youre own guys... for what ever reason you would want to do that?!!! o_O

  2. You target a point with the Death Ray rather than a model, that errata just seems to clarifying that it will hurt friendly models in its path. No?

    Considering the Death Ray & Ghost Ark changes in the translated version (assuming thumbnails is models *giggles*) seem to match the english codex as it is, I expect it is specific to the spanish printing.
    Tis a shame, as the only difference between the first sentence of Dimension Corridor between codex and that errata translation is that the errata doesn't say 'unengaged'.

  3. Anon, there are times when you might put your own models in danger if doing so gains you a benefit that would outweigh the possible lost models. For instance, if the enemy has two units flanking your unit, you might risk one or two of your men to get 5 to 10 of theirs.

  4. The errata is also clarifying that Death ray only deals a number of hits to each unit equal to the number of models in that unit which were touched by the death ray.

    This makes Death Ray way more sane.

  5. God, I'm already painting my models, but now I have to paint my thumbnails to play???? God, thanks GW Spain, now my milkshake is going to accidently bring all the boys to the yard.

  6. The Ghost Ark thing is indeed a correction of a misprint (checked with a friend over there). The big one for me is the Monolith's Dimensional Corridor removing the 'unengaged'. This would make the Necrons even more maneuvrable.

    As for targetting your own units, well generally not a good idea but if you can get more hits on multiple units by sacrificing a smaller unit (that might stand up anyway thanks to Reanimation Protocols) then it may be worth it at very rare times.

  7. Another use of the death ray targeting friendly models, which I'm surprised nobody has mentioned yet, is attempting to kill those last couple of models keeping an enemy unit engaged, while you're rather shoot them to death.

  8. I think, knowing GW as I do, that they put it in there because they know it's going to happen 'accidentally', rather than to enable players to be clever. They usually go out of their way to avoid you taking off your own guys for advantage.

    Gods I hope that Monolith erratum makes it into the English FAQ. I'll be a happy panda if it does...

  9. I think thumbnails are bases :)

    Death Ray always was meant to deal as many hits as many models were under the line for each unit and never every single model in the unit touched by the Death Ray... . Check Staff of Destructor and find the difference. The Staff of Destructor deals a hit to EVERY model in the unit it touches. But it is a one use only weapon... The Death Ray only hits the models that are under the line... So if you target an Ork mod of 30 boys, Staff of Destructor will hit all 30, Death Ray will hit those that are under the line, say 5 or 6.

  10. Yeah, but that wasn't really all that clear due to the poor grammar used in the rule. If you read that sentence, by proper grammar, Death Ray currently deals a hit to every model in the unit(s) it touches. It needs an errata.

  11. GW's translators are monkeys, really, and the whole rulebooks (in spanish) have a lot of minor erratas (example: Dark Angels instead of Blood Angels in the last BA codex...)

    welcome to finecast codex XD

  12. For some reason google translates miniaturas as thumbnails instead of miniatures.

    It does means models.

  13. Araith: I hadn't considered the Death Ray gets around the not shooting into combat rule, I suppose in theory the same could be said for the Monolith's Portal of Exile..

    Really wondering how much playtesting is actually done these days.

  14. Hi, I am Spanish and I think they make another mistake when trying to solve one.
    In the errata about the monolith they were just trying to clarify that you cannot teleport non friendly necron units in nec vs nec games, they remark in red the change they make in the phrase P47 .- dimensional corridor. Replace the first sentence "[...] Choose a friend Necron unit other than a vehicle [...]" and the change was just the word friend. My guess is that they chosed unwisely the moment to break the sentence that goes on in spanish saying -Que no este en combate cuerpo a cuerpo- wich means unengaged.
    So in resume, no teleporting engaged units.

  15. shooting your own models to unengage enemy close combat specialists for shooting? Devious. Another blow against close combat, but devious.


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