With all the talk of the Chaos Legions coming sometime next year, I thought I would throw down some pics with the 4 gods of chaos. Most of these are quite commonly seen pics, but I enjoy them nonetheless.

Pics of the Week happen every Tuesday where I share from my Warhammer pic library. I collect these all the time from all over, and sharing them is just fun.


  1. Here's a bit of useless info for you. The first Slaanesh marine picture was used in one of the Codex Chaos Space Marines.

    He had a name next to him: Eidolon.

  2. Maybe the slaanesh marine will be returning in Codex Chaos Legions. That would be cool...

  3. I love all of these chaos rumors!

    The necrons were a sad bust for me, but all this talk of new forces of chaos really has me excited, looks like my necron fund will get put to good use.

  4. @Shrike

    I'm no fan of the noisy marines, but what a miniature that would make! I think the noisy ones will be sticking to Lucius for their character however. Hope to be wrong.


    When I got codex Necrons I loved it. When the excitement passed, it seems I will lose all my games if I buy them. I'm now considering Codex Dark Eldar, which I haven't bought yet, but find myself loving the Legion rumours. What to do!?

  5. How I would love my Noise Marines getting a new kit, modeled with that first picture in mind... Right now, sadly they have the worst models of all the Cult Marines (only Lucius and the General have that twisted Noise Marine-feeling to them).

    If it wasn't for that Black&Pink scheme, I might've chosen another Legion ;)



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