There are more images starting to appear for this week's White Dwarf showing us images of this week's Kastelan Robots pre-orders. These robots can two to a box along with a datasmith. Its a very cool release to start off the Cult Mechanicus, and now there are images

Here are some links to the German Images.,warhammer-40-000-adeptus-mechanicus-bilder-preis-weitere-leaks-kastelan-robots,id42999.html,list1199,1,warhammer-40-000-adeptus-mechanicus.html

This weeks Releases and Hint-
Adeptus Mechanicus Kastelan Robots: $69
3 miniatures

War of the Fang hardback novel: $30
The Curse of the Phoenix Crown paperback novel: $14

and the following week's hints are
*The Forge Worlds
*Theatre of War: A New Scenario
*The Scions of Nurgle

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