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Cult Mechanicus Codex Information (large compilation)

There was a large information dump by someone that has the codex. It all seems to match up, so I compiled it into a single article for people to get a feel for the new Cult Mechanicus. For the most part it looks like a solid codex, or at least a lot of fun.

Please remember that these still must be considered rumors, until the codex is officially released later this week.

via Iuchiban via Warseer
Hi guys! Here's your spanish favourite codex leaker of all times!!!
I already own my copy of the Cult Mechanicusc codex.

- 2+ Armour save to bearer + all weapons in the unit have the Cognis SR
- Bearer and unit gain "It will not die" SR
- Every turn may choose to identify a Mistery objective or observe an enemy vehicle. All rolls to penetrate againts an observed vehicle may be re-rolled, as well as glancing hits.
- One CC weapon that only Works againts vehicles. Make only one attack, if hit, roll in a table:
1: Controller of target vehicle may restore one hull point
2-3: Controller of weapon decides if vehicle loses one hull point or restores one.
4-5: Same as above but 1D3
6+: Same as above but 1D6
- Kastelan protocols have an inmediate effect. Previous protocol may not be chosen anymore.
- Model gains 1D6 CC attacks S4, AP5, Shred

They are declared at the beginning of the turn. 3 possible effects depending on the amount of units in your army. Cannot use the same one twice.

Units Effect
1-3 Stubborn
4-7 Stubborn + reroll Fear, Pinning and Moral
8+ Fearless

1-3 In CC, every enemy unit receives a S4 at I10 hit for every Cult model in this combat
4-7 Same as above, but 2 hits per Cult model
8+ Same as above but 3 hits

1-3 Reroll 1 to hit in CC
4-7 Reroll 1 and 2 to hit in CC
8+ Reroll to hit in CC

1-3 Stealth
4-7 Shrouded
8+ Both

1-3 +1S
4-7 +2S
8+ +3S

1-3 Reroll 1 to shot
4-7 Reroll 1 and 2 to shot
8+ Reroll to shot

Dominus (105)
- 2+ armour save
- 3 wounds
- Volkite Blaster (S6,AP5, Heavy 3, Deflagrate (Inflicts one additional wound per unsaved wound)
- One pistol that fires five shots, S4, AP6 (Cannot translate the name to English)
- Power Axe
- Mechandrite Harness: May fire all his weapons during the shooting phase, and his CC attacks have the Haywire SR, +1A at I10
- Skrutinizing Servoskull (Free translation): Every turn he may indentify one mistery objective
- 5++
- Relentless
- FnP
- IC
Once per turn, on a roll of 2+ he may restore one hull point of a vehicle in base contact, or one Wound of one model of his unit (Skitarii or Cult)

Carachters may purchase a Stasis Field:
The bearer and the unit get a 2++ save as long as they are "Gone to Ground", but the WS and BS are reduced to 0.

- The heavy grav cannon is Salvo 4/6. So a unit of 3 Kataphron Destroyers (165) shots 18 grav shots. Not bad at all.

There are 4 formations:
- Cohort Cybernetica
1x Dominus
2 Kastelan Robot Maniples
Kastelan protocols have an inmediate effect when chosen
For every Datasmith and Dominus one Robot may fire to a different target.
Dominus and the 2 maniples are a single unit. Dominus may not abandon the unit.

- Elimination Maniple
2-3 unitos of Kataphron Destroyers
1-3 Kastelan Robot Maniples
If one Robot inflincts one unsaved wound or a penetrating hit with a weapon with the Luminogen SR, the rest of the formation gains +1BS and ignore cover when firing to that unit.

- Numinous Maniple
2-3 units of Fulgurite Electro-Priests
2-3 units of Corpuscarii Electo-Priests
If a Corpuscarii unit is at 6" or less of 1 or more Fulgurite unit, they gain +1 shot when firing. If one unit suffers one or more unsaved wounds, it is considered "electrified" until the end of turn.
If a Fulgurite units attacks in CC to an "electrified" unit, they reroll to wound

- Holy Requisitioner
1 Dominus
2-3 Kataphron Breachers
Deep Strike
They have to stay in Reserve. When deployed, the Dom¡nus does not scatter if deployed at 6" or less of an objective marker. Breachers do not scatter as long as they arrive at 6" or less of the Dominus.
They have the Zealot and Counterattack SR when at 6" or less from a objective marker.

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  1. ...that 2+ armor + unit gets cognis

    1. Every single one of those Relics are bad arse.

    2. considering the only models able to take the relics (techpriest dominus and datasmith) allready have a 2+ i do hope we dont have to pay the tax for that 2+ on that relic.

  2. somehow these are some good news for the electro priests:

    - In theory, a single corpuscarii electro priest can inflict an insane 19 STRENGTH 4 HITS ( with the tesla like rule taken into account : 6 from shooting, 9 from charging, 4 from the impact hits with the right maxed canticle). This in my opinion, makes it in theory a very potent horde killer. 10 corpuscarii could potentially lend in one turn 190 strenght 4 hits (beware, green tide!). Imo, it easily makes them worth their 18 points/model

    -the electro priest formation boosts up their capacity by allowing more shots, and enabling the fulgurites to hit more reliably in CC. That means it eases them a lot the acess to their 3++ bonus.
    Not much is gonna threaten a squad of 3++ FnP fearless CC specialists ( ask lychguards, even though their Tougness is much higher).

    This seems like a very interesting formation against large blobs and orks mobs Imo.

    I have a question though: The wording of the rule is that if fulgurite electro priests WIPE OUT a unit in cc, they get their 3++, does that mean that if the unit has been damaged by other units first, and then charged by the fulgurites and finished off, they get their bonus. Or do they have to do all the killing themselves?

    1. That is explained in the rules. In a multiple combat you have to keep track of which unit actually killed the final model (think initiative steps).

    2. In other words, the Fulgurites need only eliminate the final model to get the wipe-out bonus.

  3. "The heavy grav cannon is Salvo 4/6. So a unit of 3 Kataphron Destroyers (165) shots 18 grav shots. Not bad at all."
    So for 165 pts, a unit like this can remove one Tyranid MC a turn without struggle. 18 shot, 12 hits, 8 AP2 woulds. Enough to remove a W5 MC even in cover statistically. That's just insane... My poor nids.

    1. Normally nine hits (ballistic skill 3)

    2. They are only BS3? Thanks, my bad!

    3. They can be BS 4, but only in the Elimination Maniple vs. a target that has been lit up by Kastelan phosphor. That is, unless there is some other way I'm not aware of. The ballistic skill Canticle gives them rerolls to hit but that lasts for one turn only.

  4. Fulgrite for 18 pts are a steal. Compare them to Genestealers (14 pts, even more with proper upgrades), Harlequins (the ultimate cc champions, or that's what the poster says) or Wracks (10 points, meant to be CC units of the Dark Eldar, but 1-10 and almost no save just makes them few AND weak. Priests are almost double the cost, but can really become nasty.
    Again, balance is nowhere to be found.

    GW just wants me to by CultMech, I know... :D

    1. Funny that just a few days ago, we were all saying these chaps were combat challenged.

    2. I think they still are. No transportation with good cc buffs= shoot the hell outa them before they get to you.

    3. Yeah Fulgarites are pretty far from a steal. They are basically a more expensive less effective version of Howling Banshees from the LAST Eldar codex... 18 points for a S3 power weapon and no combat delivery system is not a good buy.

      Let's compare them to the woeful Genestealers. 90 points gets you just under 7 stealers, we'll give the Fulgarites the charge. 14 attacks from the stealers 6.22 wounds just under 3 dead fulgarites. 2 guys swing back 6 attacks 4.5 hits 3 dead. Draw with stealers when you have the charge... Sorry but these guys are not good.

    4. I think the OP had them matched up vs. the right targets, not the better meleé units in the game. As stated they are horde moppers. The Cult has Breachers and Kastelans for the harder targets, and / or allied Sicarians.

    5. Stealers are Sv5+. Fulgrites are 5++ and FnP. They are more resilient and more likely can get into CC on foot. And Fulgrites can have 3++. That's like Storm Shields... T3 is not much, yeah, but still... But this is only Theoryhammer, let's just wait till the codex actually arrives.

    6. They're actually Str 5 in CC thanks to their weapon, have 2 attacks base, cause ID on a 6, have a 5++ save that becomes 3++ if they wipe out a unit in CC, have FnP, have wargear that lets them attack at initiative when charging through terrain, and have Zealot so they re-roll attacks on the charge and can't be swept in combat.

      Their biggest draw back is no transport and being T3, but they're actually pretty decent in CC against light and medium infantry if you can get them there, especially on the charge.

    7. @Starchild, the cult has destroyers with heavy grav for anything but horde :D

    8. Hi Danlil. We were discussing meleé, but yes that is definitely true. ;-)

    9. Yeah but let's be honest, is your opponent going to be more interested in shooting the Electro Priests charging towards him or the 12+ Kataphrons that are rolling around and wrecking everything?

    10. Overall, I find the corpuscarii much more threatening than the fulgurites. But it can be tactically challenging for the opponent: if he finds, say, his cultists/gaunts/conscripts or anything else squishy enough against my fulgurites, he'll have to think about target priorities when he gets that once the melee ends, He'll be facing 3++ dudes .
      Since they're in melee, he wont be able to shoot them so he'll have to dedicate another unit to prevent the 3++, and maybe screw his initial plan

    11. To be fair, you're comparing the new format of power-hiked codex against the 6th edition 'Nid codex which, as a Tyranid player, I find pretty...well, not poor, but lazy and naff compared to what it should be.

    12. Also, why are people comparing Cult Mech units without factoring in the Canticles that they're *designed to be used with*? Come along, give them the extras and work it out then...

    13. @DAMO. R yep pretty much...

      Even harder target priorities would be if there would be if there would be 5 or 6 destroyer squads with a techpriest attached to each to tank stuff... Grav weapons... grav weapons everywhere

    14. Eldar make people cry... Cult Mech make Eldar cry.

    15. ^ I'm telling you bro, they really, really don't.

      I wish it were so to balance out the meta, but competitive Eldar players really don't fear Mechanicus one iota.

    16. I'm not sure Trent. The Cult Mechanicus haven't been out for enough time to know that for certain.

    17. Mauler: I'm comparing a unit that should be one of the most feared CC units in the game of a faction that should be the deadliest CC faction in the game to a unit that is new and is a cc unit in a faction that is basically a shooting army.
      Late 6th / early 7th codices were showing some sort of balance (yeah, nids sucked even then), but after Dark Eldar things just went the codex creep way again :(
      Half edition nerf, half edition OP. You are right, no use tom compare anything to Nids as nids are doomed to suck in this game.
      GW wants to raise AdMdch / CultMech sales so they make them OP. Nasty but True.
      Now. the new Marine bok will have to be OP to make of GW's fiscal year ending. Then OP Tau will come and everything else will be nerfed until next fiscal year I'm afraid...

      I seriously thing GW does not play their own game. And they just don't even care.

    18. Oh they play, they're in a new phase of levelling the playing field as the Battlegroup-ish Formations have mashed everything up. Necrons made people go "Er...what?" and now so have Eldar, Harlies a bit and the Ad Mech. Marines will too undoubtedly and more people will realise that every new book is calibrated to Necrons-onward levels of power...or should be. THAT will be an interesting thing to see when it comes to Tyranids, but I won't be *really* happy until I see them go back to their adaptability of 4th edition. :/

    19. If EVERY book woulf be like Necrons regarding power level, then the game would be balanced at last. Tíranids should be about adaptability above all others... like some random mutation tables (Daemon Gifts come into mind) etc. And in what universe are Grey Knight better at sneaky combat then Dark Eldar? (Not to mention the fixed 5+ / 6+ cover Dark ELdar get... regardless of standing in cover, Shrouded or anything.
      Come on GW, make an edition that LASTS for an edition and no "shake things up in the middle with power level f*ckup in the middle of an edition.
      Make Daemons and Nids beasts in cc. Make everything so OP that everything would be viable, desirable, thus nothing would be really OP... but balanced.
      Make every unit good for something. Not just tons of crap units and a few autoinclude every codex... that is triumphed and hard-countered by the newest codex...

      Try to compare the "balanced" (=nerfed) Dark Eldar to the new (=even more OP) Eldar... Harlies are great but no match against anything on their own.

      So many missed opportunities here and there...

      But money talks, so GW has to sell the new AdMech. So people will buy AdMech. And when it's done, something new will come out that will hardcounter AdMech AND Eldar. Then People will go buy Daemons for example... :S

    20. Regarding Nidz and 7th: 5th was realli messed up. Many players thought that "no, they cannot make it worse". They could. "They wouldn't dare make another bad Nid dex." They dared. Sure, formations and Spores patch it somehow - but still a big nope-dex with a few auto-include and so many worthless units that could have great potential.
      Maybe in 7th...
      I hope they won't mess up Daemons, my Dark Eldar are already going to sit on the shelves until 8th I'm afraid...

    21. Against Genestealers using Corpuscarii. 5 Corpuscarii move up and shoot their gauntlets: avg of 4 kills (10 shots at BS 4, rerolling misses, 6's give two extra hits. Around 13 hits, wounding on 4's saved on 5's. 4 kills) Charge and inflict Hammer of Wrath attacks. 5 str 4 I 10 attacks - around 1 - 2 kills. Call it 1. 2 Genestealers attack and inflict 1 kill (hit on 3's wound on 3's saved on 5's followed by 5's. The 4 corpuscarii then inflict at least 3 wounds. Victory corpuscarii. With Fulgurites they suffer two casualties and wipe out the genestealers.

      This all ignores the canticles. The weakness of the electro priests is their lack of a transport not the amount of pain they can inflict in combat.

    22. Genestealers also have no real transports. No one in their sane mind would use them with pods I think. Not only too expensive, but they come in 2nd turn at best, charge at 3rd turn at best. They can do this even on foot because of Infiltrate....
      And by being on board, they divert fire from the big nasties. If coming in from reserve, 1st turn shooting will hurt something more important.
      So the electro priests are just way much better I think. Which is a bit sad considering Stealers...

  5. Do we know anything about the special issue wargear yet?

  6. wait a sec, stasis field, i just had an idea.
    Take 50 conscripts, attach a ministorum priest and techpriest dominus with a stasis field and stretch them out as much as you want over the field (maybe even an inquisitor with liber heresius to scout). Then go to ground and have a 2++ immovable wall of fearless cultists just sitting there and blocking the path :D

    1. Fearless units cannot go to ground.

    2. Still seems like a pretty funny idea to me, considering the Dominus will keep their Ld quite high and it'll take a while before they get enough casualties to start taking leadership tests. Not sure it'd be a very competitive move, but still good for a laugh.

    3. damn, i though i was missing somethin, okay then a commisar and hope to not execute the techpriest lol

    4. Then they just charge a sacrifice unit into one end of the line and you cannpot fight back first round cause ws0. and from then on they own you cause most of the unit cant fight cause it is outa range while being forced to move in.

    5. true... I'll have to think of a better way to use it, but it is still a nice upgrade to have for sitting on an objective or just blocking the way etc.

    6. actually a good way would be to have your medium range shooty units (castellans and kataphrons.. I think monstrous creatures can go to ground if they are not fearless right?) go to ground and wait till opponent gets closer, then you activate a canticle to get fearless and shoot everything you have into someone who got too close...

      This would only work in bigger games or with that handy warlord trait though...

    7. actually a good way would be to have your medium range shooty units (castellans and kataphrons.. I think monstrous creatures can go to ground if they are not fearless right?) go to ground and wait till opponent gets closer, then you activate a canticle to get fearless and shoot everything you have into someone who got too close...

      This would only work in bigger games or with that handy warlord trait though...

    8. true... I'll have to think of a better way to use it, but it is still a nice upgrade to have for sitting on an objective or just blocking the way etc.

    9. That "downside" of Ws + Bs 0 makes no sense.
      If a unit is successfully charged then they immediately get back up-so will fight at their standard WS

    10. How about a stubborn inquisitor?

    11. How about a stubborn inquisitor?

    12. I would assume the downside lasts untill the end of your next turn or something similar.

  7. Am I the only one thinking that with:

    -a 2+ and surely a 4++ via equipement
    -It will not die, with the appropriate relic
    - Eternal warrior , via the first warlord trait
    - The 2+ heal/ restore a hull point ( can be cast on his self), for the measly cost of one shooting attack

    The Techpriest dominus potentially is the single most resistant HQ in the entire game?

    1. well a 2++ fateweaver and the beefiest chapter master of iron hands (shield eternal, feel no pain 6+), tzeentch lord with a daemonheart and sigil on a disc or nurgle lord with daemonheart and sigil on a palanquin and draigo with sanctuary are probably beefier than him,

      But nonetheless he is still extremely hard to kill and has great shooting and support capability as well...

    2. I'll find myself hesitating between his earadication ray and his volkite.... AP5 does not seem all that good

    3. He's still only T4. Eldar Scatterspam will carve him to pieces regardless of Eternal Warrior through sheer volume of fire.

      Maybe if he joins a unit of Kastellan 'bots for the majority T of 7 he could survive, but likely that will just make him a target for deepstriking DScythe Wraithguard.

      Mechanicus are cute, but their lack of psychic shutdown and AP3 flame templates make them a poor match up for Eldar, without allies at least.

    4. AP3 flame templates? you mean SD-1 AP2 templates of doom? :D

      well then just go to ground and get a 2++ lol

    5. AP3 flame templates? you mean SD-1 AP2 templates of doom? :D

      well then just go to ground and get a 2++ lol

    6. on the other hand, the kataphrons destroyers really hardcounter the wraithguards. Grav weapons are the bane of their existence ( yes, like many many other things), and their 30" salvo shooting is pretty much preventing them to fire in return.
      technically, 6 kataphrons destroyers with grav guns will produce 36 shots. 18 of them hit, 12 of them wound, and no saves.
      That's a lot of dead wraithguards.

    7. ^ i gather you are a fan of going to ground.

    8. @Daniil - Nah, I meant AP3 templates are necessary to COUNTER Eldar. They are the great equalizer against Scatterspam as is Ignores Cover and "Perfect Timing". Mechanicus get none of the above.

      And camping with a 2++ is great for denying Kill Points but it doesn't really help you move around and claim Maelstrom objectives.

      Mechanicus are super cool, I love 'em, but they have some serious challenges to being a game winning army.

    9. Most of the above comments weren't very serious, i will start crafting powerful mechanicus + skitarii + maybe IG + maybe inquisition builds when their codex comes out.

      Then i will be able to answer if mechanicum can be super powerful.

      And yeah that going to ground was just bugging me all day, i just want to find a really good use to it, as i was trying to do with the electro priests. Which I might have found. The centaur vehicles are very cheap and are not dedicated transports to IG, so you can start your cult units there. And having min squads of five is great for canticles, lastly they are open topped, so cult can either all shoot out or charge from them... I will test it and see how it goes.

    10. It's all good tech-comrade!

      Two words: Drop pods

      9 dice of plasma appearing right on the enemy's doorstop is not to be trifled with!

    11. Scatter laser fire isn't amazingly effective vs a Dominus really. To lose 2.96 wounds he needs to take 21.33 hits which requires 32 Scatter shots. Drop in FNP to negate 33% of the wounds (or give him +1 wound, the net result is the same) and he now needs to be "carved up" by 43 Scatter shots in one turn which is about 11 jetbikes, assuming none of them jinked in the previous turn. That's an application of ~200pts to remove a 105pt model so I'd expect a result but it's not exactly a poor show by the Dominus.

      I might start petitioning GW to FAQ Skyfire to include Jetbikes: it works vs Skimmers so clearly should work vs Jetbikes also. Dat Onager...

  8. I've actually been wondering this but how do you guys think a force of cult mech with militarum Tempestus allies would fare? I have a full scions army and have been reading up on these guys. Would it even be worth taking allies for cult mech considering that canticles rule gets better the more units you have? Any thoughts are greatly helpful.

    1. Is it per unit or per unit with the canticles rule?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Its per unit with the Canticles of the Omnisiah ability, and only affects those units. So your Tempestus wouldnt get any benefit from allying really.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.