Electro-Priests and Tech-Priests are in the rumored pre-orders for this coming weekend. There are two types of Electro-Priests that we have seen in the rumors, the first is the Fulgurite Priest, with staff, and the Corpuscarii Priests with electro gauntlets.

At this point these are rumors until we can find some leaks, but I assume the sources are those that already have seen or read this week's White Dwarf.

Here are the latest whispers on the Cult Mechanicus Electro-Priests.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Both priest units are S and T3 and start off with 5 models per squad. their shields give them a 5++ and allow them to assault through cover, but with an I3 it doesnt really matter much. What does help these guys is that they hammer of wrath at s4. 

The main difference between the two units is an electric staff or electric gauntlets. The staff is +2 strength AP4 and the gauntlets +1 strength and are both shooting and melee- you have to choose one or the other-. The fulgurites with the staves can get a 3++ if they wipe out a unit in close combat for the rest of the game. 

The tech priest can either repair a hull point-vehicle damage, or heal a wound in his unit. is an independent character with a 2+ save and 3 wounds, feel no pain, and relentless. He also comes with a 5++ and wielding a power axe. He can fire on the move with an upgraded eradication ray, which is a heavy 1 s8 ap1 or a s6 ap3 blast
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