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Free Wallpaper from the Black Library

Free is always good, but its much better when its free artwork from the Black Library. There is two sets of these, which apparently several friends missed, so make sure you check out both links below.

From the Black Library.......
Free Artwork

Free Digital Codex Artwork

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  1. hints for next week:

    - Big Guns
    - Theatre of War
    - Golden Demon

    devastators are next week

    Atia :)

    1. and Codex. Cult Mechanicus leaks


    2. 1. Thank you Sahra
      2. Sprokken ze german?
      3. Why do you always have the intel and where did you come from...

    3. Atia for president!

      Master Sheol

    4. Haha simon: sprechen sie deutsch

    5. You mean 'Sprechen sie Deutsche?'

      And Sahra is hardly going to out him/her self. A reliable source thus far though! Seems to be someone who sees WD very early? I'm sure some deductive reasoning can be applied.

      Nonetheless we appreciate the info...

    6. gah Ninjaed by IISBAERCHEN...

    7. Sorry DiabolicAI....

      Should i translate the german for you?

    8. Lol. My germen iz flawlez. Yez?

    9. Go for it IIsbaerchen, my German extends to introductions and ordering food!

    10. Okay

      Battle congregation commandboni: re-use 1 canticle of the omnishia once per game
      And re roll warlordtrait

      1 eternal warrior
      2 mastercrafted weapon
      3 reroll failed iwnd
      4 choose the mys objective instead of rolling if you identify it with your warlord
      5 warlords melee attacks get haywire
      6 always the best effect (8+ units) when you use canticle of the omnishia

    11. Sorry warlordtrait 3 is not reroll iwnd its reroll failed fnp

    12. Have to work no. I will translate the formations later

    13. So formations:
      Holy requisitioner: the formation starts in shocktroopsreserve(reserve. Only roll once for the formation. Dominus from the reserve has to be placed firs. If he is placed within 6" of a missionmarker he does not scater. Then place the kataphron. If they are within 6" of the dominus they do not scatter.
      As long as the formation is within 6" of a missionmarker they get counterattack and zealot

    14. Numinous conclave: they get crusader
      The corpuscarii give it: if a unit of corpuscarii of this formation is within 6" of one ore more units of fulgrite from this formation, they get an aditional shoot with their fists. If an enemy unit loses one or more unsaved lifepoints they are electrified till the end of melee.

      The fulgrite take it: fulgrite units from this formation reroll failed to wound rolls in melee if the enemy unit is electrified

      And you have to take two of each units or 3 of each unit

    15. Elimination maniple: if a kastelan robot from this formation makes an unsaved wound, pen or glance with a weapon with luminagen, all destroyers from this formation get +1Bs if they shoot on the same target and theyr weapons ger ignores cover till the end of the phase

    16. Cohort cybernetica: formation is 1 unit and dominus can not leave this unit

      Cybernetica adept: dominus counts as datasmith. As long as dominus is alive the protocols you choose at the end of your phase starts immediately

      Overwrite Targetprotocols: in the shooting phase each datasmith and or dominus can steer one kastelan robot instead of shooting if you want to. The robots who get directed by datasmith or dominus can shoot on different targets then the rest of the unit.

      So i hope that helps a little

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  3. Flesh Tearers' 'cleansing' 'traitor' guard for their blood? It is really difficult to type with all of those air quotes!

  4. nice piece, if you want to see more astonishing WH40K art from the author (ukitakumuki) of the above pic just visit him on deviant art: