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Eternal Crusade- Twitch Event

Eternal Crusade has a big twitch event today, in which the winning Ork Faction will be revealed as well as some contest winners. Also they will be showing off the latest build, so take a look at what's new for the game.

via Behavior
We just wanted to remind you that this week’s Eternal Crusade stream is a pretty big one for our community.  Not only are we revealing the winner of our recent vote for the Ork Faction, but we’ll be showcasing the winners of our cosplay contest as well.  Plus we’ll be showing off a battle on the latest build, and taking some fan questions while we’re at it.

We hope you can inform your communities and direct them to to join in.

WHAT: Eternal Crusade Weekly Livestream

WHEN: 2pm ET / 11am PT


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  1. Codex: Cult Mechanicus and painting guide covers:

  2. I haven't kept up with the news for eternal crusade but do they have gameplay vids of the other factions yet or is it just loyal and chaos space marines?

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    2. Still Marines vs Chaos Marines. I'm glad that the developer is very dedicated to what they are doing, but the final game is going to be pants. The OMG i have to play a 40k game consumer will like it and will be as apologetic as they usually are when it comes to anything 40k. Which is to say a broad spectrum of emotions all experienced at once.

      My take away from everything having followed many games through development is how utterly boring and flat everything feels. This game will suffer the same problem as planetside 1 and 2. Insofar as the world will look and feel dead and flat. I get that they are technically an idie level developer, but from what I've seen management of in game assets is very 2005. Not a single thing pushes the envelope. There will be tons of fan service though, a la "you mean Krak grenades on my Marine will actually be colored red". But be prepared for tons of clipping (like legs moving though cloaks) Hit boxes a mile wide, and melee clipping and wondering why you died after that ork swung his cleaver twenty feet from you.

      Last word: This game is literally Space Marine Multiplayer scaled up by a thousand with vehicles. And multiplayer for that game was dreadful.