Remember only a couple weeks ago we had rumors of Adeptus Astartes Command Vehicles? Well, they are here, and being announced as an exclusive release for Warhammer World! The new tanks are called the Rhino Primaris and the Land Raider Exelsior.

via Warhammer World
Here is a link to the Warhammer World release notice.

We’re extremely excited here at Warhammer World, and preparations are coming to an end ready for our Grand Opening this weekend. Not only do we have fantastic new displays for you to gaze upon in our brand new exhibition rooms (5 exhibition rooms!) this weekend will be the first opportunity for you to grab hold of our new exclusives. Let’s take a look at what could be yours…

Warhammer World Tank

Wow! Space Marine command tanks…what other Warhammer World exclusives will there be?

Hopefully there will be ways to get them for everyone else not able to hop a plane.
also where I first saw it this morning.

Here also is a link to the original rumor we heard back on May 2nd
via 'RR' on Faeit 212

'June 13th sees new Adeptus Astartes Codex release with two vehicle boxes. New land raider command variant included and new rhino command variant. Ornate design on additional armour plates etc. More marine kits to follow.

The codex sees predators/whirlwinds/indicators as 1-3 options. No surprise.
The codex sees land raider squadrons and huge bonus to ignoring damage when part of them.
More info to come...'

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