Games Workshop has advertised on its The Exalted Court of House Terryn web bundle (which is 5 imperial Knights for $785) that if you buy this, you get a set of rules exclusive to this web bundle.

I am not one of those fan's of exclusive content (rules) for either attending an event, or in this case purchasing almost 800 dollars of models in one bundle that most likely wont even be available on a permanent basis. It might be just me, but these throw a huge wrench in the game.

via Games Workshop
This is an absolutely immense bundle for the die-hard Imperial Knights collector. It includes a set of rules - exclusive to this web bundle* - that allow you to field the five Knights in your games of Warhammer 40,000. You get everything necessary to build two Imperial Knight Crusaders, a Knight Warden, a Knight Paladin, and a Knight Errant. This is well over a thousand components, an astonishing amount of weaponry(interchangeable with any other Knights you might own). You’ll crush everything in your path.

The Exalted Court of House Terryn contains five Imperial Knight Wardens and an exclusive datasheet*.

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