Additional rumors are coming out about the new troop units for the Cult Mechanicus, which adds to what we were hearing yesterday. The Destroyers are some heavy infantry, but very expensive. Lets take a look at the latest information coming in about the Cult Mechanicus.

There is also some starting information on the formations that will be found in the codex.

Please remember that these are rumors. If you want more information on the Kataphron Destroyers and Breachers, follow the link to see yesterday's rumors at this link.

via Captain Citadel on the Spikey Bits Forums

Kataphron Destroyers are coming.
(Kataphron Breachers are their Assault based counterparts)
3+ Models per unit (55pts apiece)
Phosphor Blaster, Plasma Culverin, other weapon options

Holy Requisition Formation
1 Tech Priest Dominus
1-3 Kataphron Destroyers units
Formation can Deep Strike

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