According to the latest on Space Marine rumors below, Black Templar will be getting their own codex in the future. In the current release environment this makes sense, and in the meantime Temar players will still be able to use the Space Marine codex. 

Please remember that these are rumors. 

via Steve the Warboss on Faeit 212
Here is a little clarifications for my last Codex content rumors:
Black Templars are not "gone" in the Fluff and from the Universe, they will be only removed from the Codex Space Marines. Templars will become soon or later a own Codex again. For this Time you can use the current codex.
Otherwise I have become more informations:
-The Raven Guard Strike Squadron Detachment can only chosen by armies with the Raven Guard Chapter Tactics
-Same with the White Scars Detachment
-The Vanguard will be Fast Attack
-Command Squads in Power Armour can be 5-9 Models large, not only 5

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