Blog Wars has settled on a date. It will be held at Maelstrom on Saturday December 1st 2012. In Blog Wars this year, they are working hard at using as much of the 6th edition rules as possible, so I said I would help them advertise it. Look forward very soon to a True 6th Edition Tournament list that will get a page of its own.

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Blog Wars was started as a 40k blogger community event with a slight comp in the form of a compulsory special character.

I've tried to include as much 6th as possible including flyers, forts, mysterious terrain/objectives and allies. The only thing I haven't put in is alternating terrain placement as I feel this would add on too much time. It might be something to try in future events though.

Being an 1850pt tournament double FOC doesn't apply.

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As I've mentioned BW4 will attemped to embrace 6th edition as much as possible. Allies, Fortifications and Flyers are all in. Whilst I may live to regret these decisions I think it's best to give them a go and then figure out any problems so that BW5 & 6 will be better. For more information on Blog Wars 4 please head over to the dedicated page here. A copy of that information can be found here whilst descriptions of the scenarios are here.

For those of you not familiar with Blog Wars it's a 3 game tournament for £15 with the only restriction being that your army MUST include a special character. The first 3 tournaments were great fun and I think I managed to achieve a friendly atmosphere with a fairly competitive tournament. If nothing else it's a great opportunity for experienced players to try out lists they wouldn't normally take and for tournament newcomers to pop their cherry in a friendly environment!

Tickets are on sale now and are staying at £15 despite increasing costs. Please use the link on the right to buy tickets and if you want multiples either faff with several transactions or email me and we can make it simpler!

I look forward to seeing you all there and I hope some of the people who couldn't make the old date can now attend!


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    1. After years of training upon airless mountains. Under great masters of the art. Ryan Anderson completes his goal

  2. and what a witty, sparkly, shiny, clever first it is too.

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  4. Having been to all three Blog Wars to date, I just want to urge any gamers in the UK to give Blog Wars some serious consideration. 

    The tournament scene in the UK, and in the Nottinghamshire area (or 'bullet-belt' as it's known, bring as it is the spiritual home of warming) is very congested and is really thriving. This year at Maelstrom Games in Mansfield, there has been almost a tournament every weekend. And that is in addition to the events held at Warhammer World in Nottingham itself, only 15 miles down the road. 

    The UK Tournanent scene is very competitive, and we are lucky to have representation from almost all the members of the 'home nations' ETC teams at the tourneys. 

    Where Blog Wars stands out is that it is definitely a fun tournament! In a schedule dominated by competitive gaming and ETC qualifiers, Blog Wars is a friendly, fun, semi-competitive day of games. The mandatory requirement of at least one special character makes things interesting, and the friendly environment allows you to bring fun, themed lists you don't see elsewhere. Personally, it gives me the chance to use my semi-scratchbuilt Squats-as-IG army. As it contains a lot of non-GW vehicles, Maelstrom is the perfect venue for it. 

    So if you're free the first Saturday of December, I would strongly recommend getting a ticket and coming along! 

  5. Hey Ryan, does your misses think its cool when you're first? Neather do we!

    1. Ha. You wouldn't know the real honor cuz uve never been first!


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