It is being said that Games Workshop is going to release a 25th anniversary model. What I wish, is that we had a picture of it, but then again the way things are now it would be quite the scandel to have that pic already.

The speculation is in on just what the model could be. A large number of people are assuming it will be a marine, but really only time will tell.

The pic above is a golden daemon silver award by Greg Smalling back in 2007.

Please take this with a good amount of salt due to any anniversary model release is still a good ways out.
via tristessa

I was told today that there is going to be a 40k 25th Anniversary Model released on the 25th of February - like Harry the Hammer it will only be available for that weekend and will be in finecast.

Sadly I have no more details beyond that, so if you have an idea of what it is let me know! I am most curious indeed, especially given the nostalgic throwback of the Games Day model this year...

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