With all the disappointment of LOTR releases this month, yesterdays mornings rumors were forgotten, but apparently accurate. Here is the link if you are interested, although I have posted most of it below.

It does look like a Necron Battleforce is coming. I have posted up some more pictures. Although none of the battleforce. Can't seem to find them if they exist.

LotR re-launch has a February 4th release date.

I am still including this in the rumor section, just because I cannot duplicate and verify the necron battleforce. Although its pretty certain its there. We will be seeing more probably within the next several days.

via BramGaunt (this is mostly from yesterday's rumor)
Time to get a little more specific.
LotR get's a relaunch this febuary (4th of feb to be precise).
Release includes 5 books (40k codex size and price, sadly no hardcover) that cover ALL armies. All existing books will be removed and are no longer for sale, except for the rulebook itself and the three campaign books for the three movies.

Following books will be released: Realms of Men (Arnor, Gondor, Rohan), Forces of Mordor (Mordor, Isengart, Moria/Misty Mountains Goblins), Free folk of Middle-Earth (Elves and Dwarfs I assumed), Fallen Realms (Harad and Easterlings) and one that sums up the rest.

The Books will contain updated rules for ALL LotR Miniatures and nullify the entries in the big Rulebook. The rulebook is not replaced, but each of the five new themed books contains several pages of updated rules. WotR will mostly vanish from stores and be a better supported specialist game. There will be releases for WotR, but the LotR tabletop stays the third of the three big GW games.

Expect your armies to change drastically.

The release is accompanied by one (1) new plastic box set (some kind of cavallery) and a whole bunch of finecast miniatures. Some old friends, like the WotR command boxes, and some genuine new sculpts.

There is nothing else happening in febuary, at least that's what I've been told. First pure LotR month for some time now. Expect pictures any day now, the new WD will feature a LOT of LotR.

Just to be clear about it: There is a planed 40k event in late febuary, but I was told that there was no actual release associated with it. Therefor I assumed that the Tyranid-wave will be first saturday of march. Same day as the 40k event is the release of the 25 years of Warhammer 40k White Dwarf, and it would be the day preorders started. Now, a world-wide 40k happening with staffers going nuts over Tyranid and Necron Preorders sounds exactly like something GW would do.

Also, I'd be more than happy to be wrong about the "nothing but LotR in feb" part, but I think LotR players deserve a month of their own =)

Since White Dwarfs should be on their ways right now I expect pictures to show up soon, anyway.

Again, I am not dead certain that there is nothing 40k related in feb, but my sources have been very specific. These ones have been accurate so far, I just pass on the information. Again, we will see in a couple of days. (Or, with the current WD leaks, more likely in the next 24 hours.)

via Rogue Star
According to Heresy-online forumite, Necron Battleforce is in there. Supposedly released on February 18th.
Contents are 5 Immortals/Deathmarks, 1 Ghost/Doomsday ark. 20 Necron Warriors and 5 Scarab bases. The WD also features a painting guide for the Battleforce.

via Romanus
Can confim no Necrons or Nid next month, however there is the release of the Necron and Vampire Counts Battalion Box sets along with something called the Deathknell watch for fantasy, other then that some interesting Black Library releases and some 40k combo kits (Tac Squad and Drop Pod etc) for 40k, all the rest is unfortunatley LOTR.


  1. I realise that LOTR is a big money maker for GW but it's been an age since we had even a tiny 40K release! This is just pushing my Tau back even more!!

    Meh, have to hope they're slated for an April release like other 40K things have been.

  2. Yeah, for being the year of 40k, it's a little slow to start... I know that they like to push one big product at a time, but from what I have seen, there is not much of a cross over of players between 40k and LotR, so I doubt it would kill them to do the Nids, Necrons, and LotR all at once. I would weep for joy if that happened, but it never will.

  3. Deathknell watch? Hmmmm!
    My first reaction was: 'sounds like a building'. Then I thought it might be a Vampire thing.

    I'm so fed up with the Tyranids are coming, no they're not, yes they are, no they're not. When they finally are released I probably won't care. Hope the Necrons don't suffer the same fate.

    I'm happy for the LOTR's fans out there. I like the look of that 'kraken-like' beastie. Make a good grendal inspired monster for an afternoon of Deathwatch. Sorry 40K puritans but if another game has it, I'll use it. You should see my list of other miniature sites.

    In conclusion, I hope that Deathknell watch is a building. Loving the Warhammer scenery recently. I'm planning a Feral/Feudal World Imperial Guard army.

  4. You know, with a bit of judiciously applied green stuff and some choice bitz, that Kraken looking thing would make a great Tyranid Drop Pod no?

    Maybe that's the pic that had people thinking Nids were getting a release in February?

  5. "20 necron warriors and 5 scarab bases"
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but does this mean that they are now (finally) recommending three scarabs per base?
    Also, I want to know more about 40k combo kits!

  6. swarms are a funny thing... I would put 4 of each... whatever it was on each base, five seems excessive, three seems like not enough.

  7. 3 scarabs in fine by my books, it leaves more room for odd terrain and broken vehicle bitz.

  8. Reply for both SnaleKing and Dark_Gear:

    Scarab Swarms have 3 wounds. Putting 3 Scarabs on a base makes some sense when you think of it as 1 scarab = 1 wound. Still, you can't beat the sight of a base crammed full of a dozen robot bugs. Now that, in my book, is a swarm.

    For Shrike:

    Someone mentioned that a sprue consists of 4 Warriors and 4 Scarabs. In which case you would have 5 sprues. Putting 3 Scarabs onto a base would therefore make 6 bases with 2 scarabs to spare.

    1. My mistake, for some reason I got the numbers mixed up. Ah well, thanks for pointing that out.
      On a slightly different note, I think it would be cool if they did small packs of, say 24 scarabs, so you could buy however many you want separately, instead of having to either buy warriors or the metal scarabs (actually, I'm not sure whether they still sell those or not).

    2. they do but they are finecast now allong with the first "robby the robot" necron lord

    3. S***...
      It's like Forge World read my mind... they've just released a pack of scarabs (12 I think).

  9. Actually I was disappointed that FW released scarabs, I was rather hoping for a plastic spyder kit that had scarabs included.


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