Rumors are appearing for the second wave of Necrons in February or March. While these are still rumors, it is apparent that a second wave of Necrons alongside a small wave of Imperial Guard are very close.

Please remember that these are rumors, and to take with the standard amount of salt.

Thanks goes to Kroothawk for digging these out
the second wave, expected for February or March

via 75hastings69
Couldn't see this on the thread (although I didn't go through every page!) early next year youll be getting a second wave of necrons - entries in the codex not covered by this release, 4 vehicles, a walker and 2 aircraft, also new tomb spiders IIRC.

Can't recall of the top of my head about the vehicles, the walker Artwork shows a large spider with a necRon driver and scorpion tail over the head blaster type thing.

Another confirmation by him (on Wraiths and Tomb Spyders):

I've already posted on the necron rumour thread that these items will be part of the second wave on necron models released early next year. The jetbike type necrons are also amongst the new kits.

via Captain Ventris
Recieved information/rumors today. As stated by Dr.Pie himself the wave 2 is planned. Was told it will arrive late feb./early march and will be the following kits:

- Doom/Night scythe (plastic kit) 1 model
- Canoptic Wraiths/Spyders (Plastic kit) 3 models
- Iluminor Szeras (Finecast) 1 model
- Anrakyr the Traveler (Finecast) 1 model

Also release of a Battleforce consisting of the following:
- 16 warriors
- 4 scarab bases
- 5 Immortals/Deathmarks
- 1 Ghost/Doom ark

Tomb blades and Triarch Stalker are missing from that list, but Hastings said a whle ago that they will come with the same wave.


  1. Yey! Yippee! and Woohoo!

    3 Wraith kit would make me very happy.
    BONUS! It's a Spyder/Wraith kit!

    Obviously it is a rumour, but I hope the 3 Wraith plastic box is true. If nothing else.

    Anyone know if fantasy flight are doing Necron rules for the Deathwatch RPG?
    I know about Black Crusade, but don't want to pay for another rulebook.

  2. i hope there will be also 3rd wave, 4th, 5th and maybe also... 10th! (really, i love necrons!)

  3. good to see GW getting almost everything out in one go.

  4. Just had a thought, the SoB WD codex didn't have a flyer. And when new play things come to the Space Marines Gw like them to be done through the Ultramarines. That thought, in my head at least, argues that C:BT may just be another WD Codex. I have been wrong before, i will be wrong again, but please argue my logic by all means.

  5. I'm afraid I didn't quite follow that explanation (sorry if I'm just being a noob).

  6. @Proxy Proxy Predator:
    I think you're wrong. The Stormraven came first for Blood Angels and then Grey Knights, no Ultramarines in sight. And don't forget the Land Raider Crusader, he came first for Black Templars. Its no indication whatsoever for the Black Templars Codex to being released via WD. The new Space Marine Flyer could be released in C:BT or C:SM... who knows?

  7. Who are these people that have sufficient insight to be able to spoil GW release schedules but have no idea what the units are even called?

  8. @SPlatte-
    The Storm Raven is only used by the Blood Angels and Grey Knights hence only being in their Codices. I really hope I'm wrong and that's why I posted hoping someone would poke holes in my thought process.

  9. This would be an awesome release for Necrons. Battleforce coming out so soon will surely generate sales numbers for GW!

    But, 16 Warriors, why? Why not 15, or 20? Would make more sense.

    These dual kits start to be more frequent - I wonder why they had'n done that for DE Raider / Ravager. Maybe this way they could keep the Raider cheaper.

    Man, I really hope for that Tyranid 2nd Wave with a Tervigon / Tyrannofex combo kit...

  10. @Dobi
    It's likely because there are 4 warriors and 4 scarabs (1 base) per sprue, and 20 is the max squad size (which noone runs).

    That battle force would be sweet. Only thing I saw there that sucks is that Iluminor Szeras would be finecast. I've bought eight different hq choices (including cryptek and lords) in fine cast and only two have not required serious greenstuffing.

    1. random man
      the fact is i had a preview of tne battleforce as a not in person they 24 normal warroirs 6 scarabes a ghost arc annd ten imortals. (excuse bad spelling and grammer.)

  11. @Poxy Proxy Predator

    Perhaps, and I'm not saying I'm in any way right, but perhaps Templars will get their own 'non-codex' flyer while Ultramarines and all their codex-loving-chums will get a 'codex' flyer.

    Just a thought. I'm probably way off.

    It is illogical to try and find logic in the Games Workshop.

    Live long and prosper!

  12. @Thornson
    Would make more sense for BT to have the Storm Raven, as it fits with their Crusader nature, both BA and GK are fast moving 'death from above' formations after all. Give the ultramarines the codex flyer.

  13. @bi0m3trics: Thanks, I was not aware of the sprue config but that makes sense. 20 could however make 2 squads of 10 - maybe too much for a battleforce I guess.
    Anyway, the battleforce sounds quite interesting.

  14. @Poxy Proxy Predator

    Agreed! Games Workshop wouldn't have to do anything to make the Stormraven Templar friendly:

    1 Stormraven kit + 1 Black Templar accessory sprue = 1 Templar Stormraven. All they need to do is write it into the codex.


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