Something has appeared along the spine of January and February White Dwarf Magazines. The Picture appears to be of a Dark Angel. So the guesses are all over.... Is this related to the 25th anniversary or the next codex? The rumor this morning says to throw out all we know... Because Dark Angels are right around the corner. No Black Templar, No Tau, No Eldar.

First off, very clever GW. I like it. A secret picture on the spine of the magazine to mess with us. The question really comes down to, what is the picture of, and what's it for.

A Dark Angels codex would fit a few of the rumors I have been seeing with a starter set of Dark Angels vs Chaos. Is this what is coming? Is it all starting to make sense? 

Please remember that this is a rumor, please take with salt. I believe the picture was taken by god.ra .

via TastyTaste on Blood of Kittens
As I am sure most everyone has discovered by now: GW has done something actually very cool. They have made a little Cypher (hint…hint) on the bindings of each White Dwarf so far this year. With two issues so far a figure is starting to take shape.

So I think with this little rumor gift from GW I want to reiterate something I have been reporting for the last year or so. Along with knowing now that the 6th box set is done and in production I want to clearly state what has not changed since the release of the Grey Knights.

The release schedule for 40k 2012 is…
April-May: Dark Angels/Fallen
June-Aug: 6th Ed
Oct-Nov: Chaos Space Marines

There is no Tau, no Black Templars, no Eldar. I want this on the record so strike me down if I am wrong! I am only re-reporting this schedule because I think people have been lead astray by all the false talk of other codices.

I also want to go on the record saying that the Chaos Space Marine codex will not be two books. That was an old rumor from about 5 years ago that got resurrected last year for some infernal reason.

As well another reminder that 6th ed leak pdf is a not the real deal!

Here is a link to the Blood of Kittens site for the rumor

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