What a change up. Last nights discovery of the picture on the spine of the last two White Dwarf's has turned the rumor mill on its head. With that lets jump right into the latest.

Presence of Faeit is my weekly editorial. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

2012 Release Schedule (its getting crazy in here)
According to TastyTaste our schedule looks like this

April-May: Dark Angels/Fallen
June-Aug: 6th Ed
Oct-Nov: Chaos Space Marines

Before it looked like crammed like this...
Black Templar Feb/March
Tau  April/May
6th Edition July
Chaos Legions Somewhat after the 6th edition release
Eldar Q4

Now, the second schedule looks a little crazy, and hard to believe. Everything was pointing to this with Tau and Black Templar. Something doesn't make sense in this scenario, its just too tight. So someone brought up Black Templar going to a White Dwarf Release, this could make this possible, however even when Sister's was released, it was not back to back with another codex release.

I think this is getting a little crazy. I have not even seen any sets of rumors regarding a codex (Dark Angels) that is supposed to come out in a few months? I find that a little hard to believe. There are some good sources that have been saying everything from "Tau are a lot farther out than people think", to "they are Next". This is turning out to be a crazy year for 40k.

The one thing we really do know, is that 6th edition Is coming. What about that leak?

6th Edition Leak
OK, Beasts of War came out and has claimed that this is real, but not. Personally I find this a little inane. Its like someone woke up one morning and said, "we can claim both and get away with it, and be right no matter what happens."

The more information that is coming out, especially with rumors this morning, has really turned my opinion of whether or not the leak is real. AbusePuppy had a post on 3++ about why he thought it was a fake, and tbh, that was about my turning point and I've been sliding down the rabit hole ever since.

I want to believe, I would love to believe, but Santa and his elves are not responsible for the the next codex or 6th edition.

The Secret Pic on White Dwarf
This is cool GW. Very cool. It is creative, and gives us hints as to what is coming. A huge two thumbs up to whoever at GW came up with this idea. They deserve a bonus, not just a pat on the back. More things like this is what we want, and perhaps we can get away from some of the crazy conflicts in rumors that is now going on.

Note to Games Workshop
Please let us know his or her name that came up with this idea, even if it came from the mail room. No matter who it turns out to be, credit needs to be given.

My Tournament List ( and moving forward)
Well, if you did not see what it was, it is here.....

It did extremely well last weekend, so well that I figured I needed to play it again to see how well it would hold up vs a friend of mine's army that is loaded to the hilt with plasma. I figured this might just be the bane of my army. He fields a pretty tough Chaos list, one unit of which carries 8 combi plasmas. The two possessed Vindicators might also be an issue.

Regardless, the list performed extremely well. Perhaps it fits into my play style, because on paper I do not like how this list looks or feels. On the table though, it has been devastating. Mordrak and his Ghost Knights have been more than durable, and able to hold up with surprising results.

So, I have decided to try and take the list further to see where it leads. Changes and alterations following the theme of the list to see if I can make it more competitive. While I have already worked up a list, I am not going to reveal it yet, as I want to get a couple games in with some of the changes, and possibly play with some other new ideas.

The idea has been, how to support Mordrak better. Interceptors? Dreadknights with personal Teleporters?


  1. Why is everyone convinced that this is some sort of teaser? We have 2 issues to go off of, it seems a bit early to jump to the conclusion that DA are next. Seeing as it started in January, it would make sense if all issues in 2012 (all issues in the volume) had a slice of the image. That means that we have 10 more slices, which would be enough for a whole diagrams of several marines. Maybe it's DA/chaos, which would support some rumors, or something else, which could just be a tribute to 25 years. My money is on the tribute.

    Thanks for the army list update btw!

  2. Art... I bet it is nothing more than art...

    Just saying that from the corner...


  3. BMW's motorcycle owner's magazine (ON)uses a single image on the spine, for all issues in a given year. It makes it easy to see if your collection is in order.

  4. could you please share with us that post that made you make uo your mind about the 6th Ed. leak? i tried looking for it, but failed. And as a beliver I'd like to read it.

    1. http://www.3plusplus.net/2012/01/6e-leak-its-fake-its-bad-and-its-dumb.html
      I believe this is it.

    2. Its more that the article made me question what I was thinking. BoW's post about it being real and not, added to it, as I think they were ingenious in their article.

      Right now it may just be that I've not been feeling well, but the 6th edition leak is starting to taste foul.

      I still give it a decent chance that it was something at one point, however, we will never really know for sure. The final product I am sure will look nothing like what we have here.

  5. Yeah I thinks it's just an additive picture. But I still think it's either Tau or BT but guess is as good a yours.

  6. Easy answer for the list natfka. Take a storm raven with a ten man purifier squad kitted out.for close combat. No ranged weapons or maybe incinerators. No psybolt ammo either. Saves you about 100 points over a standard purifier squad. They rock in combat bs hordes with cleansing flame, vs. Elite warriors with power weapons and initiative 6, and vs. Monstrous creatures with a couple demon hammers and all the force weapons. Fly up the field and unleash hell for cheap.

    1. I have tried this a few times, the problem is keeping it alive if you do not go first.

      I like the idea though of taking a good look at my purifiers possibly geared up for close combat only. Add in a Techmarine, and now the party is really starting.

    2. I am working on this again. The points are available in my lists for this. I am just having the issue of keeping it alive first round.

      Going second often puts this unit in reserve, which makes it difficult to get right up into the game for support or Mordrak.

    3. I've had a lot of success with putting them in a land raider

  7. I am fairly convinced based on rumours i have seen on various sites and other sources that Black Templars and Dark Angels will both be this year, and that Dark Angels stand a very good chance of being one of the armies in the 6th Edition starter box, probably pitted against some Chaos faction. In any event my money is on Dark Angels happening very close to 6th Edition, and this image being a teaser for that. I find Dark Angel rumours extremely credible.

  8. I think the policy of GW not to publish any rumors results in this mess of hints that seem to make more sense as more people add their theories and some of it gets picked up... I am excited about what's coming next

  9. Dark Angels and Black Templars this year is not unsupported theory. It's not quite fact but i'm not simply re-hashing what i've heard on the rumour mill. It's a little more direct than that. I would be very very surprised if Dark Angels were not this year around the 6th Edition release.

    The potential of a Dark Angel versus Chaos starter box is also excellent, Death Wing Terminators, Raven Wing Bikers, a Stylised Dark Angel Tactical Squad versus either Dark Angel Fallen or other Chaos Marines with attached Chaos cultists, some sort of Chaos Dreadnought or maybe even a few spawns or daemons. Would make quite a good kit - it's going to be special for 25th Anniversary. A few plastic Watchers in the Dark wouldn't go amiss.

  10. Out of curiosity, why everyone rules out the possibility for DA having a WD codex? Wouldn’t that be an option?

    1. right now everything is an option. I think most of us are rather at a loss on digging out way through the rumors.

      Dark Angels, Tau, Black Templar. It will be very soon that this will start to sort itself out.

    2. Lets hope so, I am an avid Tau player and I'd love to see an update on the list, as well as some cool minis coming out. However it is understandable that more than a few lists need an update, so I guess, we'll wait and see.

      By the way, thanks for all the cool rumors/news/lists/thoughts on the game that you share. Your effort is much appreciated!

  11. So does that mean another year of waiting for Tau? Grrr. Going back to 1/72 scale WW2 gaming is looking better and better.


  12. Gods I hope Dark Angels are in the starter box along with a mini-book. If so I will be buy it so quick hopefully the store employees heads will spin.

  13. So I think you need to go back and re read the BoW article, especially the bit where they talk about having talked to GW, and GW are the ones claiming that its real, but not(THE FINISHED VERSION).


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