We all know we should be supporting your local game stores, so it was time post up on the best store for warhammer 40k in the Portland area. I have been to them all, and by far Knightfall Games supports its player base better than any store in the area.

I've also included a video for one of the most amazing customized daemon armies I have seen.

From game knowledge to events and getting your ordered product timely, Knightfall can't be beat. The player base that goes there is also high class, and a much higher caliber than you will find at other locations in the Portland area. I think there has been 2-3 times I have went there for a random pick up game in the last several years, and did not get one in. That alone says something about the store. Its worth the drive.

Knightfall Games
9955 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway #230

(503) 626-9067

Their new location is just upstairs from where they were, and has an amazing amount of room for your games. If you have not been there lately, get down there and take a look. The location is just off highway 217, so its highly accessible to the greater Portland Area.

Here is the shout out to the store and its links......

I also want to show off an army created by Andy that is for sale at the store. It is by far one of the most creative Chaos Daemon armies I have seen. Here is a video of it.

I know Knightfall games has local armies that are for sale. I am not on the payroll or getting anything for the advertising.... This is a small part that I can do to support my local store.

I will also be playing down there in the tournament this weekend, which of course Chris always videos.

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