Up already for advance orders, the new Vampire Counts Army Book is finally here. Well, technically we need to wait another 7 days before we get it in our grubby little hands, but at least the official announcement is here. It is a beautiful looking army.

Just in case you just now figured out that there is a new army book in town, here are some links to the Vampire Count information as well as some pics of the models coming.

vampire-counts-release-date-pics-and summary

Games Workshop: Rise of the Vampires


  1. while I don't play Fantasy and Vampires would be down the list of armies I would choose, I'm torn as to which plastic kit I'd take to make my Iron Warriors Daemon Prince ; Zombie Dragon or Varghiests? Also love the new sculpt of Krell, can see that model being used in lots of armies, already heard about 2 projects one as a Night Lord and the other is Kharne.

  2. @Poxy Proxy Predator

    My vote is Varghiests!

    Like you I'm no fan of fantasy. But those models are cool.

    For a long time I've been wanting a female Inquisitor who looks very lady-like. There's a head (the one with the rose) and a torso (the one with high collar) from the Coven Throne, but I don't want to spend all that money for two bits.

    That said, she is meant for the Deathwatch RPG and I need a daemon prince model. Just in case the librarian has a mishap. Was thinking of using the spirits which are flying around the throne to swoop around my prince, which may be a Varghiest with a crypt horror split back.

  3. Another non-fantasy player here that loves the new models. Especially the Coven throne/Mortis engine. The banshees circling the engine are amazing! The White King is also a very nice addition to the range of plastic characters.

    I'd really like to take the throne part of the Mortis engine and mount in on the back of a Raider or an Arachnarok spider to be my Haemonculus Ancient's personal transport. I think it would be suitably grim and eccentric.


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