As if carrying on yesterday's post, we have more rumors that I have put together pointing towards what we will see in February and March of this year for Warhammer 40k.

Yes, it looks like a long awaited Tyranid wave may be here, along side a second Necron wave. Imperial Guard for this rumor are not on the February list, however, I would not be surprised with all the talk of a few IG releases, that we might just see those in March, and finally a new codex release (BT or Tau) in April.

Please remember that these are rumors, and are to be taken with the standard amount of salt. However there is lots of talk here from different sources that point to these coming.

via 75hastings69
early next year youll be getting a second wave of necrons - entries in the codex not covered by the first release, 4 vehicles, a walker and 2 aircraft, also new tomb spiders IIRC.

Can't recall of the top of my head about the vehicles, the walker Artwork shows a large spider with a necRon driver and scorpion tail over the head blaster type thing.

Another confirmation by him (on Wraiths and Tomb Spyders):

I've already posted on the necron rumour thread that these items will be part of the second wave on necron models released early next year. The jetbike type necrons are also amongst the new kits.

via Captain Ventris
Recieved information/rumors today. As stated by Dr.Pie himself the wave 2 is planned. Was told it will arrive late feb./early march and will be the following kits:

- Doom/Night scythe (plastic kit) 1 model
- Canoptic Wraiths/Spyders (Plastic kit) 3 models
- Iluminor Szeras (Finecast) 1 model
- Anrakyr the Traveler (Finecast) 1 model

Also release of a Battleforce consisting of the following:
- 16 warriors
- 4 scarab bases
- 5 Immortals/Deathmarks
- 1 Ghost/Doom ark

Tomb blades and Triarch Stalker are missing from that list, but Hastings said a whle ago that they will come with the same wave.

via Harry
Feb is hinted as a 2nd wave for nids.... and Necrons

Originally Posted by misterboff
I believe that Harry has hinted in one of the other 40k rumour threads that it will be a small IG wave.

Yes ... not so much. (OK not even a little bit)

via Stickmonkey
Nids to get valentine love, crons to get leap year love.
There are many more nid kits that are done, some no one would expect. However, not all will be released. Others may be single releases later.

4 plastic kits
4 finecast

After the wave there will still be some model(s) not represented from the codex.
Old models getting finecast makeovers.

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