Game night is once again upon me. It is a once a month board game night for a bunch of guys that come to my house and battle it out on a wide selection of board games. Tonight is Twilight Imperium, and it is the first night of this game that we will be using most of the optional rules for the game.

For those that do not know it is a massive (rather complex and in-depth) board game of space colonization and conquest. The one drawback to the game is that it takes a considerable amount of time to get in, anywhere from 4-8 hours depending on if you have to keep explaining the rules.

Another amazing thing is that we are supposed to be having a full house for the game. 8 players. With political intrique, alliances and all the backstabing this group has normally in games, it will be an amazing game tonight.

Game does not start until 8:00pm so I expect us going until about 3 in the morning. So someone will be crowned Emperor about that time....

Here is a link to Fantasy Flight Games and Twilight Imperium for anyone that is interested in looking at the game.

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