Well, a 6th edition pdf is now floating about is making all the news. I am not going to go into it all, simply because I don't find it interesting enough atm to read the whole thing and the chances of it being real are almost none. It is not hard to find and includes two files, the rulebook file and a codex update file.

The rulebook does look like it goes into many of details that we have heard earlier but there are some oddities in there as well. Such as not including Black Templar in the codex updates, nor Sister's of Battle.  If you are interested in locating this you can go here and search for it, or simply google it. http://www.3plusplus.net/

As to yesterdays Tau rumor, I apologize for posting up a fake. Sites that have good reputations, like 3++ should not be avoided simply because of this. It is an excellent site, and while I think the post was in bad form, it doesn't take away from the author or the site.

This is a no drama site, AbusePuppy was simply having some fun, and came clean, so derogatory comments at AbusePuppy will not be allowed and will be deleted. His benefit to the overall community is larger than this.

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