I want to set everything straight about rumors before we get into this. Rumors are just that, rumors. They are news worthy only in the context that they may or may not be true. Not to mention they are fun to read.

Yesterday's rumor set declared that the leaked 6th edition ruleset which everyone has been reading was legit. By legit, the meaning that this was a real early rulebook set for the up and coming 6th edition. Possibly a playtest set, and that it was marked as being completed last May. Which is literally plenty of time for it to be worked and revised if in fact it is a real leak.

Please, I cannot state this enough, that this is a rumor. To top it off, the idea that what you are about to read below is also a rumor. It contradicts what was said yesterday, however, neither could be true in the end.

Enough disclaimers.

via Gagoc The Ancient

Apparently someone has claimed on 4chan that the leak is actually their gameclub's homebrew rules, which a member gave a 'GW' look to. Must have plenty of time on their hands!

There's even a report that the person who made it recently got in touch with GW Legal to see if there was any liability on their part. The guys from GW informed him that as it wasn't an official GW product he was fine!

If this is true I'd hate to be those people who, thinking it was the new 6th Ed., had started buying units for armies to use with these rules.

My two cents. This far out it would be very stupid to purchase models based on the leaked ruleset (so don't do it). My only other comment is that it was surprising that no one claimed this ruleset before now.


  1. That doesn't even remotely pass the sniff test how did homebrew rules know about necrons before the rest of us?

    1. They didn't. This doesn't mean that the leaked one is the real ruleset... but the guy on 4chan is a real troll. Just being on 4chan shows an attitude (well, maybe not all people on that network are trolls but the ones I know do).
      Additionally the leaked rules have to be finished in the early december. If those are fake someone wanted people to believe them true. Well, that would be a nice way to work against the shitty rumor policy of GW, sending around a set of rules actually balanced and working making it hard for them to beat it thus not upsetting the clients.
      If it's a fake it's well done, and if it was passed as a fake it did a good job anyway.

    2. just becaus it got taken down doesn´t mean the rulebook was fake or real

      i hope its a fake caus the rule changes are just to crazy... extra turn for getting wounds back, evasion, shooting in enemy turn, assaulting phase before shooting.... and imba flyers that you can only hit on 6+

      The big thing i see changeing is the amount of...
      time painting
      time playing

      ...you spend on 40k since its going to turn into apoc in the longrun.... i predict 3000 to be the comeing "standart" point size. Try that on tournaments. They will fade away...just like the hobby itself!

      But at least GW stock will look good for a while -.-

    3. GW isn't the hobby. They're just the company that has the largest individual share of the sci-fi gaming market. GW can implode like Enron, and it's not going to kill "the hobby."

      As for Overwatch, a.k.a. "shooting in [the] enemy turn," this is one of the things that players who know about 2nd edition fondly remember and wish it was back in the game.

      Assault before Shooting actually makes more sense. If you're charging something, you're running foward to close with the enemy and smash their face. You get +1 attacks to cover that whole shooting-as-you-rush-forward thing. If you kill what you're engaged with, you shoot something else. It's not like shooting in between moving and assault is going to get you closer to charge distance. You might not pop a transport and assault the people inside, but they would be more vulnerable to the vehicle being destroyed in the first place under these rules.

      In regards to evasion, why shouldn't the target's ability to move and dodge come into play when you are shooting at them? Your skill is important, so higher BS still matters, but if you're shooting at a terminator, he should be a fair bit harder to hit than a Striking Scorpion, Wytch on foot, or a Crisis Suit.

      Your points about game size, model count, and cost are totally valid, but everything else will actually bring life back into a game that has been getting more stale and dumbest down since 3rd edition came out in 1998.

  2. Yeah this seems rather shady to me, I mean it is more than likely just a troll trying to ruin everyone's day by saying they made this. Plus the part about the legal department doesn't sound right because I've sites have been taking down the leaked 6th edition at "the request of the games workshop legal department " which completely contradicts this troll of a rumor

    1. Agreed. I'm finding it difficult to get hold of a copy anymore because they've all been taken down. This is just trying to ruin people's hopes of a decent 40k ruleset.
      F***ing troll...

    2. I have the zip file still, but not sure what kinda trouble that alone could bring by forwarding it, you know?

  3. This is just a rehash of the same rumor that someone started on dakkadakka a couple days after the leak. There will always be rumors like this, but really, definitively false.

  4. I think I trust "a friend of a friend" more than "some guy on 4chan."

    Which isn't to say I trust either of them, of course.

  5. I can't be bothered to get into the to's and fro's of an arguement about this tbh - I am still reading the ruleset atm and I quite like them - they make 40k fun again, which it hasn't been for me for about a year or so.

    As far as I am concerned I am glad that everyone has generally had a good response to this leak, and with any luck it will be the bare bones of what 6th ed will look like on it's release, whenever the hell that may be...

  6. which room do people go to discuss 40k on 4chan? I hope they block their IP's!!!

  7. This 'source' is total BS, wether or not the rules came from GW, they weren't from some gaming group who wanted to give it a 'GW look'.
    Everything else aside, we do some house rules & campaign materials for our group, & the first thing that gets filled on the page is the illustrations/graphics.
    No way would a bunch of hobbyist leave those frames blank.

  8. To expect that someone went to this much work and did this good of a job proof-reading is ridiculous, IMO. It is a grammatically well put together piece, over 100 pages long. Unless this was a doctoral dissertation, I don't buy it. Anybody who is this skilled has a job, and anybody who has a job is either (a) paid to write this ruleset, or (b) paid to do something else and therefore has no time to write this ruleset. I think it's legit. Old, maybe. Out-dated, certainly. But legit for what it is.

    1. Not that good of a proof read actually. There are tons of errors.

      Dice instead of die for individual die rolls, heck for back or rear of a vehicle, paragraphs abruptly stopping, and going from one section to another with at least a full page of missing information, and some areas of clumsy wordings...

      On the majority of the errors, its common sense once you get the idea and are minor.

  9. GW just want you to buy more things that sells good with 5th Ed.
    Why would they not take down those rumours, you will have to buy new toys for 6th Edition later anyway , cause all your old builds will be unplayable.So by taking down them they can squize last profits from 5th edidition mech spam.

  10. Real or fake? Games Workshop leak or homebrew rules? To be or not to be?

    Shrug! I don't know! Sniff!

    Don't really care to be honest.

    It's just a rumour anyway.

  11. No offense but 4chan tends to have very.... Unique individuals I'm sure that even if these rules are legit that it wasn't cooked up by some guy and with some of his friends in his moms basement. Again I mean no offense to 4chan.


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