I want to set everything straight about rumors before we get into this. Rumors are just that, rumors. They are news worthy only in the context that they may or may not be true. Not to mention they are fun to read.

Yesterday's rumor set declared that the leaked 6th edition ruleset which everyone has been reading was legit. By legit, the meaning that this was a real early rulebook set for the up and coming 6th edition. Possibly a playtest set, and that it was marked as being completed last May. Which is literally plenty of time for it to be worked and revised if in fact it is a real leak.

Please, I cannot state this enough, that this is a rumor. To top it off, the idea that what you are about to read below is also a rumor. It contradicts what was said yesterday, however, neither could be true in the end.

Enough disclaimers.

via Gagoc The Ancient

Apparently someone has claimed on 4chan that the leak is actually their gameclub's homebrew rules, which a member gave a 'GW' look to. Must have plenty of time on their hands!

There's even a report that the person who made it recently got in touch with GW Legal to see if there was any liability on their part. The guys from GW informed him that as it wasn't an official GW product he was fine!

If this is true I'd hate to be those people who, thinking it was the new 6th Ed., had started buying units for armies to use with these rules.

My two cents. This far out it would be very stupid to purchase models based on the leaked ruleset (so don't do it). My only other comment is that it was surprising that no one claimed this ruleset before now.

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