Last weekend, I had played a Chaos Daemon player roll three ones to assault through cover. He was able in the movement phase to be one inch away, so I assumed it did not matter what he rolled. However, he claimed he did not make it. I told him, you were one inch away, but he said the rules claim you must be outside one inch. I did not look it up and took his word that he failed to assault. The exact opposite occured in a later game. Either way, I really did not know, and always assumed you can be at one inch. Lets take a look at this rule.

Rules of Our Game was a weekly post regarding rules problems that I have not done for about two months. I am getting back to it. I run across tons of rules questions each week, and I think almost every person in our hobby should keep an eye out for things like these. It helps us when we finally come across such problems or weak spots in the rules of the game. Comments and "Your Wrong!" are very appreciated with this series, as navigating the rules of our game can be quite treacherous.

I was told that there are two intrepations for this rule, and I for one do not beleive it. So here is what the rule says.....

a model may not move within 1" of an enemy model unless assaulting.

Within seems to be the defining issue. So we had better define the word.

with·in   /wɪðˈɪn, wɪθ-/ Show Spelled[with-in, with-] Show IPA

1. in or into the interior or inner part; inside.
2. in or into a house, building, etc.; indoors: The fire was burning on the hearth within.
3. on, or as regards, the inside; internally.
4. inside an enclosed place, area, room, etc.: He was startled by a cry from within.

We know that there are other movement definitions in the game that use "more than 12", like infiltration and scout.

So the question remains, can you be sitting at 1" or must you be outside that 1"? Either way, I have always given it to someone that only rolls 1" to assault if they were that close.

I do think that for a distance, according to the rule, that you must be outside of 1" after reading this, so that it is possible to fail an assault with a bad roll, but like I said, I am open to it either way. What is your take?


  1. If you're going to lawyer it then the rule says you can't be "within 1 inch" which would mean you could be at exactly 1". This would mean that your opponent doesn't even need to roll as they'll always be in whatever.

    I have to say I've always played a double or triple 1 means they fail. It's one of those last ditch attempts to stop you being in combat.

  2. Seems like you can't be 1" away, you ahve to be 1.000000000001" away, so a 1 = fail. Sucks when it happens, but I feel like part of the point of the assault through cover rules are to make it possible to fail even when that close.

  3. from the definition i think its obvious that WITHIN means less then 1" from the target, so you can be exactly 1" from them, in witch case you can assault even if you roll a 1.

  4. The rulebook defines being exactly x" away as being within x"... So by that rule you have to end your move more than 1" away. However the book also states that a double 1 rolled for an assault move works if you are 1" away. It's great when the rulebook contradicts itself...

  5. Actually, the BRB states in it that if you are 1" away you still must roll a difficult terrain test (to see how far the guys behind can pile in) but even if you roll snake eyes you are allowed to complete the charge. I don't have the page number handy but I do know that it's in there as we looked it up a few days ago.

    1. I second bubblegum. P36 -
      "Note that if a model stopped 1" away from the enemy in the Movement or Shooting phase, it can Assault even if its unit rolls a double 1 on the difficult terrain test."

      As a curtsey, I always let the opponent know I'm exactly 1" away when dealing with uneven ground while moving so that there are no surprises when I declare the assault later on.

      As you read on the next paragraph, it deals with lower initiative, and by the above, even moving 1" though terrain counts as moving through terrain.

  6. As those above have said, you can assault. Within means inside, or less than, not less than or equal to. The rule is just for clarity visually
    Speaking anyways.

  7. Pg 36 of the the BRB has the rule allouttabublegum is referencing.

    Here's the relevant section from pg 36
    If, tollowinq the rules for moving assaulting models (see
    page 34), any model in an assaulting unit will have to
    go through diff icult or dangerous terrain as part of its
    assault move, the unit must take the relevant terrain
    test before moving. This has two disadvantages. The
    first and most obvious is that such tests might cause
    the assault to fail altogether if the closest model cannot
    make it into contact with the enemy. Note that if a
    model stopped 1• awayfrom the enemy in the
    Movementor Shooting phase, it can Assault even if its
    unit rolls a double 1 on its difficult terrain test."

    1. Yepp, that's it. If your opponent moves so that they are 1" away, even rolling double or triple 1s will let them assault through cover. Since one cannot really measure if the closest model is 1,000000000" or 1,000000001" away, if my opponent is let's say 4" away at the beginning of their movement phase and they roll 3+ on the difficult terrain test, I tell them "okay, you are 1" away" if they move into my direction.

      Another fun fact with terrain: if I'm correct, units inside terrain confer cover saves to the unit they are shooting at if they are inside more than 2" away from the edge of the terrain.
      If both the shooter and the target happens to be in the SAME piece of area terrain and are more than 2" away, do both confer and receive cover saves from each others shootings (assuming the 50% rule is OK)? :)

      And, regardless which side assaults, the attacker assaults through cover. Does not happen often, but interesting :)

    2. That solves it then. You can be at one inch and declare your assault with no chance of fail.

    3. The only reason to roll for diff terrain - besied rules make you do so - in this case is to see how many of your dudesmen will actually be engaged. But since the enemy is 1" away and the defender also takes an up to 6" "defenders react" move, it's not that big issue either I think.

  8. I didn't even know you had to roll for assault distance, I figured the initiative 1 penalty was enough... vīvō et discō, I suppose.
    "I live and learn" in lat- High Gothic. :D look how smart I look!

  9. We need to understand what "within" means to GW. Best thing I've found that has been helpful on the field is on pg 3 in the Rulebook. There is a diagram labelled Measuring distances. Specifically between Ork Boyz and Space Marines it says "2" (measured base to base)"

    Great job to allouttabubblegum FrostByeVA, Rotonia, and Dobi for assaulting when rolling two 1's.

  10. I have a sneaking suspicion that was a game with me...
    Ether way you would have won, perhaps not a major victory though. Someday my Daemons will get the better of your Grey Knight purifiers.

    1. It was Orin,tbh its a rule I have never really looked up. Not only did I run into the rule in our game, but two games later, and I gave the assault to him just as I was trying to do with you.

      I asked a couple people what they thought on Saturday, and figured it was time to figure out what the rule really is. The idea that there are two interpretations of a rule does not sit well with me. I want to know, and posting the conflict here helps solve it.

  11. I am happy to know for future games.


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