All I can say is wow. What started off as a fake, is now being hailed as definetly legit. This is big news. A new way of looking at our hobby is presented here by the guys at frontline gaming. Too excited to discuss it, but it comes down to this.....

Please remember that this is still a rumor. Take with salt.

Summary (this summary was put together by kroothawk)
- The leaked 6th edition rules are legit
- They want to get rid of edition cycle by releasing a core rule set valid for a long time
- These core set will be updated by FAQ's, erratas and supplements
- allows for expansions (30k, 41k?) and concentration on model making

via Reecius of Frontline Gaming
So, we heard a doozy of a rumor today that I wanted to share with the community.

A source of ours who knows people who knows people, etc. often shares tidbits of juicy rumors. Today he and I were talking about 6th ed and whether or not the leaked rules were legit.

He told me that a friend of his who works for GW not only confirmed that this rule-set was legit, but that it was the culmination of a master plan, so to speak, that has been in the works for years.

Apparently, GW game design has wanted to get away from the edition cycle they’ve been in for the past 3 editions, and want to move towards a core rule set that they can rely on for a long period of time, updating with FAQ’s and Erratas as needed. They want to avoid sweeping changes that leave certain armies in the dust, and therefore with lagging sales.

This would allow them to focus on the model line to a greater degree, and to expand the game into different directions. They would be able to explore the game story both forwards and backwards, and a Warhammer 30K supplement was mentioned (which we’ve been hearing about multiple times). He also mentioned the possibility of progressing the story-line, which we have also been hearing from multiple sources.

The following are my thoughts on that information.

Forgeworld is already fleshing out the backstory with all of their preheresy and heresy era kits. It is not much of a stretch of the imagination to see FW doing a supplement for this period much as they did with the Badab War books, or at least making the models (Primarchs, anyone?).

This would allow GW to keep all books current, and to focus on the models, updating books as they need to.

Is this true? Who can say. Do I want it to be true? Yeah! It is criminal that GW has not made a game supplement for the most exciting part of the game background (Horus Heresy) and who wouldn’t want to use Primarchs and the Emperor and Horus in games? That would be awesome. Who wouldn’t want to see the story advance? That would be awesome, too!

And a lot of what we see in books that don’t make sense now, in the context of the new 6th ed rules we think are real, start to make sense. Maybe that is a case of fitting the system to the existing rules, or perhaps it was all part of a master plan. Who knows? Time will tell what we actually get, but all I can say is that I am very excited for what is to come.

What do you all think about this rumor? Would you like to see these things come true?

Here is a link to frontline gaming as well.... thanks for the rumor guys.

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