It looks pretty extensive, and I am just now starting to go through them. Almost every FAQ was updated, and many things were handled across those codices.

My favorite of course is for Necrons..... Let the slaughter begin.
Q: If I have 2 Royal Courts, can one model from each be attached to the same unit? (p90)
A: Yes.

It looks like the list includes.....

link to Games Workshop FAQ's
1. Necrons
2. Main Rulebook
3. Blood Angels
4. Chaos Daemons
5. Space Marines
6. Dark Angels
7. Dark Eldar
8. Eldar
9. Grey Knights
10. Imperial Guard
11. Ork
12. Chaos Space Marines
13. Space Wolves
14. Tyranid
13. Apocalypse
14. Apocalypse Reload

Notice there are no Black Templar or Tau updates on the FAQ. I have not yet gone through the changes, but will be posting an update soon. Thank you GW for another FAQ update. (updates are much more common than they used to be)

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