It looks pretty extensive, and I am just now starting to go through them. Almost every FAQ was updated, and many things were handled across those codices.

My favorite of course is for Necrons..... Let the slaughter begin.
Q: If I have 2 Royal Courts, can one model from each be attached to the same unit? (p90)
A: Yes.

It looks like the list includes.....

link to Games Workshop FAQ's
1. Necrons
2. Main Rulebook
3. Blood Angels
4. Chaos Daemons
5. Space Marines
6. Dark Angels
7. Dark Eldar
8. Eldar
9. Grey Knights
10. Imperial Guard
11. Ork
12. Chaos Space Marines
13. Space Wolves
14. Tyranid
13. Apocalypse
14. Apocalypse Reload

Notice there are no Black Templar or Tau updates on the FAQ. I have not yet gone through the changes, but will be posting an update soon. Thank you GW for another FAQ update. (updates are much more common than they used to be)


  1. Hopefully the rumors are up and Tau are coming sometime soon.

  2. maybe they just want Tau and BT players to keep sucking at the game :D

  3. 2 points:

    (1) Tervigons, Myceptic Spores, Harpies and Tyranid characters were mentioned in the FAQ. Could this mean these models will be released? I'm hoping yes.

    (2) Loving the Necron rules. Many I had already guessed by using the rarest of skills: 'common sense', but I did like Entropic Strike.

    Determine if a hit reduces the Armour Value BEFORE rolling for Armour Penetration. Ouch! Go scarabs go!

    One rule I had already knew (common sense again) but I think is GRREAT is this:

    Q: Can a character on a Catacomb Command Barge
    target one unit with his Sweep Attack and charge a
    different unit in the subsequent Assault phase? (p52)
    A: Yes.

  4. Multible harbringers in the same court bye bye two overlords.

    1. You've always been able to have multiple Harbingers/Lords in the same Royal Court, even Harbingers of the same type (just not with the same extra wargear) with only one Overlord. What this FAQ means is that if you *do* take two Overlords, and each takes a Royal Court, you can have one member of *each* Royal Court join *the same unit*. So you could have two Lords, one Lord and one Harbinger, or two Harbingers (even identical ones, because they are from different Royal Courts) leading *the same unit*. Heh, the new possibilities make me positively giddy.

  5. Common sense has led me to believe the following:

    Lord of Change uses Boon of Mutation on Justicar Thawn and successfully turns him into spawn. Since Thawn wasn't 'wounded' he can't return.

    I'm surprised not to see that in either the Daemon or Grey Knights FAQ. True, I'm neither a Grey Knights or Daemon player but, for those who are, what does everyone else think?

    Can a 'spawned' Thawn return to life as a shiny Grey Knight while his spawned self runs around OR is he a spawn for all eternity and will not return?

  6. It may be a coincidence but there are some interesting similarities between these faqs and 6th ed codex update leaks.

  7. Q: If a model with a Nemsesis Force halberd has had
    his Initiative reduced to a fixed number by an
    ability/special rule, do they still get the +2 Initiative
    from the Halberd? (p54)
    A: Yes

    Just for clarification, does this mean I'm not striking at initiative 1 with lash whips anymore? Not that it matters since things with lash whips usually have higher than 3 initiative anyhow.
    Nice catch on this news, I love this site.

  8. Answered my own question, sorry.

    Q: If a model with Lash Whips is attacking a model
    with an Initiative-boosting rule/piece of wargear (e.g.
    Furious Charge, an Eldar Banshee Mask etc.), which
    order are the Initiatives modified? (p83)
    A: The Lash Whips will reduce an enemy model’s
    initiative to 1 before any other modifiers are applied.
    So, a model with Furious Charge that assaults a Tyranid
    with Lash Whips will strike at Initiative 2, a Grey Knight
    with a Nemesis force halberd will strike at Initiative 3
    and an Eldar with a Banshee Mask will strike at
    Initiative 10 in the first round of assault.

  9. You can take a Priest or a Techpriest as your IG HQ now ... Crazy, cool.

  10. This is my favorite update...

    "Q: If a transport vehicle is destroyed in a Movement
    phase in which it has moved flat out, what happens to
    any embarked models, as passengers may not
    disembark from a vehicle that has moved flat out in
    that Movement phase? (p70)
    A: They are removed as casualties."

    I'm just imagining the looks on peoples faces when this happens to them. "Slow down Perseus, you're going to hit that... bwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!" LOL!

  11. no_wegian, this is not new. They just re-wrote it to clarify the rule for people.

    1. My bad, and thanks for the clarification. However, the only way that the vehicle would be destroyed in the Movement phase is if it landed in difficult terrain and rolled a "1"... right? If so, I still can't get the image out of my head of this happening to someone... (face palm)... LOL!!!

    2. I have witnessed it happening twice to the same eldar opponent in a single game. He destoyed more of his skimmers than I did.

      That was a year ago or so. Rule has always been this way, but is just now clarified much better.

  12. And only fast skimmers get the flat out move. So you wont be seeing it all that often with Space marines and the like.

  13. We had always played it similar to regular explosion rules following the procedure for "emergengy disembarcation." Now my DE are going to get a wee bit more fragile, and annoyed....nobody likes annoyed dark eldar, it works out poorly, hehe.


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