This mornings rumor set once again features Tau, with a very decent summary of what is expected. Some of this seems to correlate to what we already have heard, and some of it seems to push the envelope a little. It is getting closer and closer to a 40k release, so I am expecting rumor batches like this to start hitting.

If you have not visited 3++, you should, and you have been missing out. I have provided the link to the rumors so you can view the entire rumor conversation, and here is a link to the site in general.

Please remember that these are rumors, and the required amount of salt needs to be included.

via AbusePuppy over on 3++

-Tau will be the first codex of next year

-Phil Kelly is writing the new book, not Cruddace or Ward as has otherwise been rumored.

-Crisis suits do not get a new kit, but they are getting an upgrade sprue for making special issue weapons and Broadsides.

-A Shas'el Commander unlocks Crisis suits as troops. Other types of commander are implied, including a Stealth Suit commander.

-Drones are changing significantly in how they are bought. Several new types of drones (heavy weapons, melee) are being added.

-Markerlights are Assault 1 weapons now; burning one counter lets you reroll misses or forces the enemy to reroll either cover or pinning tests. Pathfinders have the innate ability to split their fire to multiple targets.

-At least one unit from each of the five castes will be fieldable in the codex.

-There is at least one flyer (the Barracuda) in the book and getting a plastic kit, possibly more.

-Several other Forge World units (Tetras, XV9 Hazard Suits) are getting brought over as well.

-There is at least one new named character "pilot" for a flyer, a la Pask, but the system to represent them is apparently being reconsidered as part of 6E.

-Demiurg are added to the book, functioning "like Dwarves in Fantasy," with ponderous, low-AP guns and strong melee attacks. Hrud are present as well.

-Gue'vesa are available, working similarly to Inquisitorial allies drawn from the IG codex.

-Kroot Carnivores will be 5pts to bring them more in line with IG costs. They keep the same statline (and have Stealth?) but require a Shaper (unsure if he meant as an HQ or as a mandatory squad member.)

-Disruption Pod gives the Stealth USR and grants a 6+ cover save if you lack one.

-All Pulse weapons are Strength 6 in the new codex, as are Burst Cannons.

-Plasma Rifles and Missile Pods are now the same stats as their Imperial counterparts (the Plasmagun and Autocannon, respectively.)

-Seeker Missiles are 72" range and can be fired with one of several different profiles. The basic missile is still S8 AP3, but gains the Blast property. A second, "frag"-type mode is S6 AP5 Large Blast; these two fire modes come standard on the missiles (only one type can shoot each turn.) Two additional upgrade fire modes are available that improve on them, one that is S5 AP6 Large Blast No Cover Saves, another that is S9 AP1 and rolls 2d6 for penetration.

-The new codex expands on their fluff significantly, giving them more interactions with other xenos races, including resolving their grudge with Urien Rakarth and more on the story between them and Crowe.

-It's also implied that there is a faction friendly to (or at least neutral with) the Tau within the Imperium itself. Heresy!

-We learn a lot more about Tau culture and the kinds of lives their citizens lead.


  1. Hey naftka, i appreciate all of the work you put in collecting the rumors but this one you should take down. On 3++ where this was originally posted several letters in the post were bolded. Together they spelt "lol i troll you" this is just some ones idea of a joke.

  2. Yeah, unfortunately Kirby even commented apologising for the post. It's a fake. People need to realise that shit like that will be taken as serious and reposted a million times over, clouding over REAL leaks and credible rumors. Stoopid Abuse Puppy >.< Haha.

  3. Sorry guys, it does look like a fake.

  4. I have to say, to be a deliberate troll post its a horrific amount of effort in fabricating a list of "rumours" then building a whole fake conversation around them.

    Guy needs to get out more

  5. Too bad, 3++ is usually a great site - now they get some extra attention from you and this is how it turns out. Not the way to promote your blog AbusePuppy...

  6. Just pathetic...expecting the new TAU codex for agesand when we think something decent is planned for them, we get trolls. Anyways a big thanks to natfka for keeping us always updated:). All we can do is w8 and see what time will bring us.

    And by the way the whole read was too good to be true (full s6 army, so many FW allies and allies additions etc.) but thought it would include something correct... multi rocket heads for skyray anyone? (remember how many tank turret options IG have - and the prices they are bought for???).

  7. Faeit 212 is still the best for rumours!

    No need to apologise Mr Natfka.

    If this has achieved nothing else, it has reminded us not to go to the 'troll' sites. Some people get their kicks making fools of others and it makes me sick! They should be ashamed of themselves! GRRRR!

    Rant over, calm myself.

    I hope you Tau fans get a thoroughly AWESOME codex and models so COOL you'll be salivating for months. Perhaps I might defect to the Greater Good. Less grimdark, more shiny shiny.

    Chin up guys and ladies. I've a gut feeling it won't be long until Tau.

  8. Hope it's fake... basic Tau Troops having S6 weapons would mean they wound anything save MCs on 2+ and pen AV10 on 4+, glancing even AV12, and that's just basic guns. Seeker missiles seem waaay overpowered. I started to get suspicious with the mentioning of Hrud.
    Let's hope some real info will come out soon. The post has good ideas, but it's a bit overpowered. Should something like this come true, it would mean Tau bandwagoning immediately I think.

  9. Well, this stopped me from going to other sites for rumours. Thanks for at least letting us know that this guy was a troll, Anon. This is one of the few sites where troll rumour leaks are extremely rare, and without the original formatting, most of us probably wouldn't have noticed.
    On a side note, S6 weapons for basic troops? Phil Kelly's not that mad...

  10. Maybe some thought to the source of rumors and the reliability of said source with regards to the material being posted would do everyone a little good.

    The only difference between my post and everything else that's gone up so far is that I admitted I was lying. You're a bro, Faeit, but simply reposting anything that anyone says anywhere about anything is not a particularly good rumor policy. Most of those people have been proven to be full of **** time and time again with each new codex release and yet people still keep listening to them.

    And heck, if you're going to buy into that level of self-delusion, you should at least get a good story out of it, right?

  11. don't try to play innocent. rumours and rumour blogs promote the hobby and a community of gamers. this brings an important social aspect to the hobby. whether this stuff is true or not it gets people talking and genuinely excited about the hobby. messing with people just takes away from this and is 100% negative to the community.

  12. Abusepuppy, sigh, don't blame someone else for false rumours... Just pathatic, really

  13. Rumours are rumours. We are clever enough to realise they may not be accurate.

    Some may be true at the time, but at some point during development the idea gets thrown out. Others might be what a member of GW staff has said. Still others might be a friend of a friend of someone in the know.

    There are geniune rumours that prove wrong. Fine, no problem. Then there is making stuff up just to make a mock of other hobbyists. To all who would stoop to such levels I will simply say:

    GROW UP!!!

  14. Personally I had figured Abusepuppy and the site 3++ solid enough to post up as the latest new information regarding Tau rumors.

    At least he told us afterwards they were false. In general I take into account where the rumors are from, and if the rumor is interesting enough, I will post, sometimes with a huge disclaimer.


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