This week has been very tiring. Between new FAQ's, coming up with a list for the tournament, and family commitments. I think most of all the tournament finally kicked me.

Presence of Faeit is my weekly editorial. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

Tyranids + Necrons
I was really hoping to hear something yesterday on their rumored upcoming releases (white dwarf), but nothing is being said yet in the rumor mill. It looks like we will have to wait for the one week advance warning we are familiar with.

So that does mean though that we should be hearing something from either this coming week, or the following for a February release. I definitely look forward to that. I expect Necrons will be the fist half of the month, with tyranids the later half. We shall see if these rumors pan out.

6th Edition Rule set
Many people are looking at this leak as very much a better rule set to play under. Now I am not going to argue whether its better yet, because to be honest, I have not read it in depth.

From what I have read its is very detailed, more so than I think you can get out of a fan made rule set. It very much does look like something that may have been used for play testing.

The question comes up though "Why even care right now if it is real?" Well, for myself, I find it fun, the same kind of fun that I get out reading the latest rumor. This one in particular I find it very strange that so many people are on board thinking that it is probably real. I generally find people more skeptical than this, so I find it interesting. I expected much different poll results.

My favorite Quote:
I hope its OK to use this, since I heard it yesterday at the tournament. It is not exact, as it is regarding higher point games...

" I have less fun with higher point games (2500 pts) because it gives my dice a greater chance to roll bad."

 followed by
"The more dice I roll, the worse they get".

Two things about that quote I find great... One its honest, number two it does seem like the more dice I roll, the more they fail.

FAQ's and An Apology
A lot of changes and some great clarifications were made. Of course some great arguments as well have come around from it.

Lets deal with the arguments first. I let one go overboard here, and to be honest, I've had enough of it. That kind of arguing is best left for certain forums, so I apologize to the readers here for added drama. In the future I will work harder at not being drawn into such inane arguments on rules. The problem is fixed, and I wont let it happen again.

Otherwise, I am very excited that GW has spent the time to deal with so many of the questions in the FAQ's and I think they hit the ball out of the park on this one.

Tournament Results
I had a good tournament. The competition level was very high, with a good number of excellent players. The Tournament Organizer did a great job, although he was a little sick, and the tournament went smooth. There were a couple shocker armies that came, and for the most part I did not get to play them.

 I did not expect to see over 200 orks hit the field in one list for example. There was a tyranid list with spores, that I wish I had taken a picture of the spores. They were very cool. Perhaps I will get a chance to photo them later.

I ended up taking my Grey Knights. First game was against Chaos Daemons. For me it went well. However, the luck of my opponent was one of the worst I have seen, and the game wasn't really a game due to some of the worst luck I have seen.

Second game was against Blood Angels. 75 jump packs were an issue, as I quickly got pinned in. I lost over half my troop in the first two rounds, and did almost no damage to him. Really figured I was going to get tabled in this game.

Third game was against a Vulcan Space Marine list. Good list, and great player. The game was good, but played into my armies strengths. Vulcan came with lots of melta, and I really did not have much armour on the field and clung to cover.

I will go into more details later in the week and post my list, when I am more aware. For results; I did take over-all champion, winning all three of my games. A big thanks to my opponents, who were great, and to Knightfall Games for hosting.

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