For many this debate has been a mind-numbing one. Is a chimera part of the unit it is bought for? Do chimeras deploy with the platoon during limited deployment missions like Dawn of War? We all know they act as separate units for pretty much everything, just like any other dedicated transport. So this new FAQ has brought out a few of the most ridiculous arguments, but lets get down to it, Games Workshop should clear this one up, or change what they ruled in the FAQ.

So here is a letter response from Customer Service, and responses via phone. This does not constitute an official rules decision until it is updated on the faq, and the phone guys are sometimes in left field. Regardless, here it is.

via foolishmortal
I e-mailed the following to GW CS.
I am having some trouble understanding an entry in the new Imperial Guard Codex Update (FAQ)

"Page 96 – Infantry Platoon, second sentence
Change to “Each Infantry Platoon is deployed in place of a single unit in missions that limit the number units that can be deployed. In addition when making a reserve or outflanking roll, roll once for the whole Infantry Platoon. Any units in reserve that are embarked upon a non-dedicated transport are instead rolled for separately.”

Does the 3rd sentence imply that DT Chimeras are part of the Infantry Platoon for limited unit deployments like Dawn of War? Specifically, in Dawn of War, can I drop 2 Infantry Platoons and 12 Chimeras as my 2 troops choices before turn 1?

I received the following answer...
Hello xxxxxxx,
Currently with this new change I believe that you are correct. Now if you're playing in tournament or some special event that you will need to speak with the organizer to see how they plan to rule that specific question. Should you have any other questions give us a call at 1-800-394-4263 and we will work to get them answered.


xxxxxx xxxxxx
Games Workshop Customer Service
Please do not delete previous email threads as this will help us serve you better!

Games Workshop
Customer Service
6211 East Holmes Road
Memphis, TN 38141
Games Workshop Customer Service is open:
Monday through Friday 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM CST
Contact info:

I then called the 1-800 number and spoke with a different customer service rep.
I received the same answer.
I asked about Al'rahem outflanking with empty transports.
I was told they outflank also, empty, because they are part of the platoon which must outflank.
I asked about an IG IP in reserve with empty chimeras.
I was told its all one roll for when they come in because the empty chimeras are part of the IP

The person I spoke with claims to have played 40k at GW for 10 years as well as playing IG personally.
While a phone call or email to customer service is not an official ruling, this is good enough for me.


  1. I can hear the screams already...

    1. Screams of joy from Imperial Guard players.

      Screams of terror from everyone else.

      I personally prefer a massive infantry force backed up by either artillery tanks or the trusted Leman Russ. Sometimes both.

      Sorry if this has been covered before but was wondering:

      Do my Platoon Commander, 5 Infantry Squads, 2 Special Weapon Teams, 5 Heavy Weapon Squads and Conscripts all deploy since they are all 1 Troops choice?

    2. Yes, they are seperate units, but in DOW they all deploy together as one unit. So if you have two platoons, both get to deploy.

  2. Yeah, they do.

    Makes perfect sense really, if you approach game balance from the point of view of unit points cost.

    I spend the same on an infantry platoon of several squads and transports as other codexes do on their one squad and transport.. How would it be fair that I would only be allowed to deploy a fraction on my expended points.

    1. Thank you.

      Infantry rule!

      "First Rank Fire! Second Rank Fire!"
      90 Lasgun shots at 24"
      135 Lasgun shots at 12"

      Oh yes, my 5 guard squads combine!

      Add to that 11 Grenade Launchers, 6 from special weapon teams and the 5 squad sergeants (most armies crush guard in CC so I focus on guns guns guns), and 15 Missile Launchers. Frag infantry, krak tanks!

  3. This would certainly encourage IG players to field Infantry Platoons as opposed to the Veterans that seem to dominate most competitive builds.

    I was beginning to wonder how Guardsmen ever progressed to Veteran status if no basic Guardsmen ever saw duty!

  4. Now if only you could contact them and ask them to clarify if the Impaler Cannons from Tyranids Hive guard actually ignore Flat out and Smoke Launcher Cover saves.

    By the latest update it says:

    Q: Can a unit take cover saves from any source other
    than the terrain they are in, or touching, against
    Wounds caused by an impaler cannon? (p47)
    A: No.

    -Vehicles by the BRB take covers saves as infantry... except the 50% rule.

    -Flat out/ Turbo-boost, Conceal, Kustom Force Field, Shrouding, Smoke Launchers do not meet the requirements of Terrain unless it is physically on the table throughout the game and the vehicle is sitting in it or touching it from the side facing the Hive Guard.

    So by that statement I believe they should not get their saves. But Because it says "Wounds" and/or is not addressed directly there is some debate.

    1. wounds are specifically not the same as doing damage to a vehicle. Vehicles do not take wounds. I have not looked into this rule though.

    2. That is correct vehicles do not take wounds.. However Vehicles do take cover saves like infantry as per the BRB.

    3. IMO that's the same line of reasoning that claims Vehicles don't get Cover saves - we can only assume that damaging hits = Wounds for all intents and purposes except where stated otherwise (eg, Combat Resolution)


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