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OMG!!!!, Nerf Bat swinging swinging gone.......

OK, thats my dramatic line for the year. In truth the new FAQ hit me in the groin, but I'm still standing. Enough whinning and complaining, its time to adapt. Lets look at the two rules that effect my loved and most coddled favorite Imperial Guard unit.

Number One:
Q: Can Weaken Resolve target an enemy unit that is locked in close combat? (p47)
A: Yes.

OK, this one I figured out some time ago, so is not really news. By analyzing, and reading the rules after a tournament lost, it was pretty obvious that this could be done. If I had known at that time, it would of been game over, and a victory. It comes down to this from the main IG codex.

Choose one enemy unit within 36" and line of sight of the pskyer battle squad.

Thats all you really need, since weaken resolve is not a psychic shooting attack, and there is no need to target the unit, you simply choose one you can see. I beleive this was discussed briefly on a post about 6 months ago here. I am glad they put this up though, as it solves any "surprise, look what I can do" disagreements. Good ruling GW.

Number Two:
Here is how I have been using my pskyer battle squads. Give them a dedicated chimera transport and have them running around mid - back field zapping units with weaken resolve. Since weaken resolve is not a shooting attack, the chimera was running around 12" and using its weaken resolve at 36". This gives a ton of range for the ability. Now lets look at the current ruling.

Q: Can models embarked upon a vehicle use its fire points to draw line of sight to a unit to use special rules or wargear (other than shooting)? (p66)

A: No.

If a psyker battle squad wishes to run around in their chimera 6" or less, they can still fire a soulstorm out of the top, since it is a shooting attack. However, when it comes down to weaken resolve, the psyker battle squad must disembark to use this ability.

So what does that do for me on the table top? Well, it means just time to adjust tactics slightly. Is this a nerf, somewhat. After all my psyker battle squads now must disobey the first rule of an  Imperial Guardsman, "Stay the F*&^  in the Tank". 

While more vulnerable now that they must get out of the vehicle to do their thing, I must say I will not stop using this unit. Find some good area terrain, or move the chimera 12" rotate, and hide most of the unit behind the tank. Psyker Battle Squads still have their place on the 40k battlefield, at least in my armies.

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