Lending weight to the Dark Angel Rumor that has been in full swing this weekend, I wanted to post up a confirmation from another source that indeed Dark Angels are to be part of the 6th Edition Starter Set.

Please Remember that these are rumors, and to take with salt.

I don't know if the spine images are anything to do with DA, 6th starter or the 25th year of 40k but I do know that most of the stuff posted is correct. 6th starter does indeed feature DA and the forces of chaos, including a nice plastic chaos dread.

Starter Set includes Dark Angels vs. Chaos. Chaos includes CSM, some traitor guard/cultists and a CSM deadnought

I am only confirming the starter as DA vs chaos NOT the DA & CSM codex release dates. The next 40k releases are :- 'nids, SW, necrons (all models only no codex)

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