This has already been a wild week in rumors, so when one of my sources chimed in with a little what's next, I thought I would share.

Please remember that these are rumors and to take with the standard amount of salt.

It was laid out like this, which correlates some to what we have been hearing.. at least a little. Because of the source, I have to paraphrase and be cautious with what was said, in order to protect where it came from. It comes down to this.....

February/March:A second wave of Necrons and Imperial Guard models are next.
Which ones are fairly obvious, Night Scythe, Triarch Stalker, and Tomb Blades for Necrons along side some finecast IC's
Hyrdras and Veteran/storm troopers for IG

March/April: (he said April but that he would not be surprised if they were moved up due to a Fantasy Release). Black Templar

July: 6th edition followed by a Legions Codex. (I asked for more info here, but have not gotten a response)

I asked about Tau, and he said that while they were done, GW had been debating toward the end of last year on whether to release Black Templar or Tau, and decided on the Black Templar. Tau he said will probably fill in a time slot later in the year.

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