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Bring in the New Year!!! Retrospect and Looking Ahead

First off, Happy New Year. Now to the important things, like what 2012 might be bringing us.

2011 changed the face of warhammer 40k with very few releases. Early in the year we were still on a high from the release of the Dark Eldar. That lasted until Grey Knights hit. then wow, the face of 40k changed. Every marine player I know that was not painted were suddenly painted grey.

That lasted until the big let down of a White Dwarf codex release. Now I will be the first to tell you that many people are not impressed with this, but I know some extremly good players that took this codex and ran with it. Some powerful lists were hitting the tabletop, but with little fanfare.

Somewhere in there we saw some major FAQ updates. Deathwing and Black Templar were suddenly on the tabletops again.

Finally Necrons are making a splash. While they have not yet altered the landscape, it is only because we are still waiting for a Necron FAQ which we expect very soon.

2012 The Year of 40k
Here is where the excitement comes in. 2011 was a year of Warhammer Fantasy, and 2012 looks to be 40k heavy. The biggest event of course will be 6th edition, which is rumored to hit the shelves in July. Before that, we have possibly the Black Templar and/or Tau followed by the new codex Chaos Legions, which is expected either right before or after 6th edition. What a game changer that will be. Even Eldar are rumored to be the last codex of the year.

This year looks exciting. I will be delving into the rumors on releases and expectations in 2012 for Fantasy and 40k during the next few days. Until then, Stay safe and Have a Happy New Years Day.

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  1. As a Dark Eldar and Grey Knights player, this was a great year.

    As a Warhammer 40,000 player, 2012 is going to be an even better year (Or, so it looks). I'm quite excited.

  2. Great year of news and rumors. I know I don't speak just for myself when I say your updating is appreciated Natfka keep it up!!!

  3. This year ,I hope is better than last, I was really, really let down with the [Sisters of battle] I was so looking forward to a new codex and especially new models, so disappointing… Especially with the new models/codex Dark Eldar, necrons, and Gray knights got…

  4. I started reading your site when Grey Knights started to make a apperence (maybe Jan) and ever since then i have never stopped reading your site. Thank you very much for a fantastic year of rumors, news and everything. :)

  5. I confess I only got into the hobby in March, but 2011 was a wild ride and it looks to get a lot wilder in the coming months. I can't wait!

    Happy new year.

  6. Happy new year guys! Can't wait for the Chaos Legions codex to come out!