Along side the Necron Battleforce, it looks like we will be seeing Space Marines & Drop Pod and some other troop + transport box sets. The source of this is someones inbox, but I have not yet recieved this information, but for some reason, GW likes me a lot less, and updates from GW are often late to me.

Can anyone confirm this Rumor? If we do not get confirmation, please take this with salt.

A new set of boxed sets are being released this week, offering a saving of nearly £10, which is nice to see. Otherwise not terribly exciting stuff, as its just reboxing. Interesting to see no Tau or Eldar box there though.

Space Marines & Drop Pod - £35.
Imperial Guard Cadians & Chimera - £30
Chaos Space Marines & Chaos Rhino - £35.
Ork Boyz & Trukk - £30

11 figure box.
All are, except the orks who are 12.
I cannot tell you if it is a tactical squad proper (Though I suspect it is) or two combat squad sprues.

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xxRavenxx is a store owner, so he will have recieved this info so he knows what he can order to sell.


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