Forgeworld is releasing Necron Scarabs and Ork Vehicle Weapons available now for pre-order to be released Feb 10th. With the huge demand for more scarab swarms, Im sure this one will be winner.

via Forgeworld Newsletter #295
Hi there,
We’ve got something new, something re-released and some events news in this week’s newsletter: Necron Scarabs, Ork Vehicle Weapons.

Necron Scarab Swarms
Canoptek Scarabs can be found scurrying hither and yon through the vast and dusty halls of a Necron Tomb World. Seemingly mimicking the behaviour of organic invertebrates, a Scarab’s only purpose is to break matter down into energy. On the battlefield, swarms of Scarabs are unleashed both as expendable assault waves and to latch on to and destroy enemy armoured vehicles.

The Necron Scarab Swarms kit, designed by Will Hayes, contains 12 finely detailed multi-part resin Canoptek Scarabs – enough models to build three swarm bases. This kit is available to pre-order now for despatch from the 10th February.

Ork Vehicle Weapons Set
Ork Mekboyz are unable to resist tinkering with their mechanical creations, in particular bolting on extra weapons until their vehicles bristle with gun barrels. It is debatable if this is to provide additional firepower or simply to give the Ork passengers something to shoot wildly into the air as the trukk, trakk or wagon careens toward the enemy.

The Ork Vehicle Weapons Set, designed by Will Hayes, contains four weapons: a big shoota, twin-linked big shoota, rokkit launcha and skorcha. Each weapon is supplied with a set of optional gunner arms, and can be mounted on any of the vehicles in our Ork range, as well as on the plastic kits available from Games Workshop. This set is available to pre-order now for despatch from the 10th February

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