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I love playing about with GWs mech and robot kits, and whilst working on my Night Lords late last year I had an idea for a Decimator conversion using the Primaris Redemptor as a base.

Being a detractor of the Corpse-Emperor tends to mean we dont get the new hotness kits, so I'm always happy to find an excuse to turn one Heretic.

Mixing in Leviathan and actual Decimator parts worked well, though it's the alterations to those parts that really set the whole thing off, especially on the claw - I do like using chain blades were I can on Night Lord walkers, the whirr of the blades as much a weapon as the blades themselves.

It's now all built and awaiting a paint of coat, ready to stride in to the fray on Vigilus.

I've followed your blog for many years, seeing the great work from other readers, and thought I'd see if I was able to earn a spot along side so many great hobbyists.


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