Got to love Raging Heroes with their take on the upcoming holiday. They of course push it over the top in a great way for Valentines Day and have added special Hearts (with tentacles) to one of my favorite models. Just hilarious and awesome at the same time.

Nothing says "I Love You" like a 70 tons warmachine đŸ˜
Your heart will melt: give & get some hobby love!

Even the toughest warriors have a heart... It's that time of the year and we have something special for you: we customized 3 of our most successful models to turn them into special gifts for your loved one. 


NOTE: We're just printing a few of each, so don't miss out on these lovely and very unique collector editions!

ANOTHER NOTE: The Valentine's Day exclusive part is an extra accessory. It will also be added to any pack or box including one of these models. However, the original accessories are also included so you can choose to customize the model as you wish!

Valentine's Gift Guide: find the perfect hobby gift!

Here's a list of our cutest miniatures to help you find the best gift for your loved ones...or even for yourself! 
- Harry The Hippo - Already a classic, voted cutest mascot ever many times
- The Lulus - The irresistible Jailbirds' stray kids
- The Icariates - What about angels as a symbol of love? Ok, these have guns, but still...
- Vladimir The Virtuous - The Sisters Mascot is always a hit
- The Minions - Little Demons Familars, they're a bit uncontrolable but they're cute!
- Tobias The Tenacious - A jackalope miniature? How cute is that!

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