Today we are taking a look at the new Endless Spells for the Skaven.

via the Warhammer Community
We’ve seen the battletome, we’ve seen the Warlock Bombardier, but in true skaven fashion, you’re not satisfied yet-yet! Well, worry not  we’ve still got new stuff to show you.
Today, rather than just tease, we’re giving away three new Endless Spell warscrolls in full, alongside the warscroll for the Gnawholes  read on to learn more…


Vermintide is a particularly nasty Endless Spell. Thanks to its huge base size, it’s great for blocking enemy units, while your skaven will be able to move over it with impunity.

Warp Lightning Vortex

Warp Lightning Vortex is great for blocking off a key area of the battlefield  set it up around your enemy’s favourite War Machine, terrain piece or Hero, then deal a deluge of mortal wounds to everyone nearby.

Bell of Doom

Bell of Doom is a cracking Endless Spell when combined with hordes of Clanrats, lending them immunity to battleshock tests… provided it doesn’t detonate horribly!


Available at no matched play points cost, Gnawholes allow Skaven to deploy where you least expect it, as well as providing an always-welcome casting bonus to nearby Wizards.
You’ll be able to pre-order these Endless Spells very soon  in the meantime, stay tuned for tomorrow’s preview, where we’ll be taking a look at the Flesh-eater Courts Endless spells…

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