Coming this week to pre-orders is the Dreaded Ambull for the Blackstone Fortress.

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Ready for a new adventure? Next week, the Blackstone Fortress reveals another of its closely guarded secrets, as the first expansion for the game lands on pre-order…

Introducing: The Dreaded Ambull

You’ve smashed countless Spindle Drones. Negavolt Cultists are a piece of cake. Renegade Guardsmen quiver in fear at the sound of your name. But are you ready for the Ambull?

Last seen in the bygone days of Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader, the Ambull is back, and it’s bigger, nastier and angrier than ever. In The Dreaded Ambull, you and your friends will have the opportunity to track, and eventually kill, this beast as you journey through the Blackstone Fortress.

How It Works

The Dreaded Ambull is an expansion designed to plug into your existing Blackstone Fortress set, and the first of several new adventures you’ll be able to try. You’re free to tackle it as a stand-alone adventure or incorporate it into your larger campaigns. After all, if you’ve already unlocked the Hidden Vault, you’ll be dying to take your [REDACTED BY ORDER OF THE INQUISITION] for a spin…

Encounter, Discovery, Exploration and Hostile cards offer new challenges and twists for your adventures, while the Sett VII Bio-Containment Facility offers you a new place to trade when your explorers are at Precipice.

You’re also welcome to mix in the expansion with your core set, meaning the Ambull and Borewyrms have a chance to show up in your other expeditions. You’ve not played Blackstone Fortress until you’ve had an Ambull and Obsidius Mallex show up at the same time…

With Rules for Warhammer 40,000!

The return of the Ambull is a pretty big deal, and it’d be a shame to restrict how you could use such an awesome model. So, inside The Dreaded Ambull set you’ll find datasheets for using this massive beast – and the scurrying critters that accompany it – in battle, plus points if that’s how you like to balance your games.

The Blackstone Fortress Carry Case

But where will you keep your Ambull? Well, we’ve got good news – there’s a new carry case on the way designed for Blackstone Fortress players. This case will comfortably fit all your Blackstone Fortress models, making it perfect for getting your set to your next gaming night in safety.

We’ll have more previews on how the Dreaded Ambull fits into your games throughout next week.
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