The Skaven are today taking a look into the Chaos Battletome.

via the Warhammer Community
Carrion Empire is almost upon us  and so, to help you get hyped, we’re previewing the set and the new Chaos Battletome: Skaven and Death Battletome: Flesh-eater Courts throughout this week!

We’re kicking off our previews with a sneak peek at the rules for the new characters exclusive to the Carrion Empire battlebox. As well as looking awesome, both have a lot to offer your army…

Who Is He?

Warlock Bombardiers are skaven who have dedicated their awful lives to blowing things up. They have forgotten more about blowing stuff up than you will ever know. If the Clans Skryre ever need anything blown up (which is always), these are the are the guys they get to do it.

How Does He Work?

On the tabletop, Warlock Bombardiers are masters of ranged warfare, providing magical and missile support to the Clans Skyre. Like other Warlock Engineers, they’re able to smite enemies with deadly warp lightning.

Where the Warlock Bombardier really shines is, predictably, in the shooting phase when he blows enemies apart with the doomrocket.

If you’re willing to take the risk, you’ll be able to overload the doomrocket, allowing you to obliterate enemies  provided you don’t obliterate yourself first!

Essentially, he’s a little war machine in his own right and the perfect supporting unit for a firing line of Warp Lightning Cannons.

Who Is He?

The Abhorrant Archregent is the supreme leader of any given Flesh-eater Court. Ghoul Kings, are, as the name suggests, monarchs  this guy is akin to an emperor and lord over a vast domain. Centuries old, Abhorrant Archregents are horrifically strong and cunning, and their utter dedication to their delusions is resilient enough to bind together the fractious kingdoms of their kin.

How Does He Work?

Abhorrant Archregents are the ultimate support unit in a Flesh-eater Courts army. While they’re deadly combatants in their own right, where they really shine is in the hero phase, thanks to a superb spell and command ability.
Ferocious Hunter lets you increase the attacks of a nearby unit by up to 3. Cast it on a sufficiently massive horde of Crypt Ghouls, and you’ll be able to turn your foes into a fine, red mist.

Summon Imperial Guard, meanwhile, is unique among Flesh-eater Courts command abilities in the choice it offers  you’ll be able to pick a supporting Courtier, a heavy-hitting unit of Knights (that’s Crypt Flayersand Crypt Horrors) or a horde of Serfs (that’s Crypt Ghouls) to suit your purposes!

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