A new release only seen in limited packs before is now released as a single miniature. As Raging Heroes always does with an event like this, there are some special launch prices for her as well as her cavalry companions.

via Raging Heroes

New release: VARANITH, Draahk Riders Captain
The best leader for your Dark Elves Cavalry!

Previously seen in limited packs, Varanith is finally released as a single miniature! We are celebrating with a special launch price, check it out!

The Draahk Riders Captain available
Get the LAUNCH PRICE on Varanith!

Get the full Draahk Cavalry and get a deal!

We have 6 different models of Draahk Riders, Troop and Command Group, and we have a pack called the Draahk Raid where you can get Varanith + these 6 riders and get a discount!

Draahk Rider turntable video

If you want to take a closer look at these Draahk Riders assembled, this video should help:

Raging Heroes Team

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