I always find these newsletters from Raging Heroes to be creative and fun. This time around it was all about models I actually own and am currently painting..... I had to share.

Of course I will be sharing soon. The only one I do not own is Malheezariah.

Newsletter via Raging Heroes

TOP 5 minis to please the Dark Prince...

Hi there, evil army owners! Today we're sharing a selection of 5 models that are very popular in our Lust Elves, enjoy these insane minis!
PS: If you missed that last week, the Captain of the Draahk Riders, Varanith, is now available as a single model!

1 - Lady Melith
Painted by Vizart Miniatures

The Lust Elves' Courtesan enjoys the power plays and intrigues that fill the Humans' corridors of power. Haunting ceremonies, balls, and festivities, she uses her otherworldly charms to seduce even the most hermetic souls, until she lets her mask down and terror seizes their heart...
Meet Lady Melith

2 - Mantis Warriors
Painted by Claudia Zuminich

No need to introduce these ones anymore, already a classic. Looking to build a full squad? The best deal is 20 Mantis Warriors + The 75 mm Matriarch
Browse for Mantis Warriors

3 - Malheezariah
Painted by Chaos Chic

The Lust Elves Matriarch is an imposing figure standing 75 mm tall from the ground to the top of her horns. A deadly beauty on the hunt to add more skeletons to her robe...Get a deal when you buy her with the Skinners! 
Meet Malheezariah

4 - Worm Riders
Lust Elves crawling beasts!

If you were on the look for demonic steed riders, look no further. Evil worms with razor sharp teeth now available in Troops and Command Group.
Ride these Worms!

5 - The Centaurs
Galloping madness!

Fused with the bodies of their own slaves, these Lust Elves Centaurs certainly rank among our most insane models EVER, straight out of a nightmare... You can find them in both Sci-fi and Fantasy, and take a look at the Exalted Ravagers Packs for a good deal.
Meet the Centaurs

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