Ambots are coming this weekend, so today the Warhammer Community is diving in to talk about them. Personally I see these as awesome conversion opportunities.

via the Warhammer Community
Ambots are Brutes, so to add one to your gang, you’ll need to pay a hefty sum of credits as well as have a free slot for a Hanger-on – meaning you may have to choose an Ambot over a Slopper, Ammo-jack or Dome Runner.
Once you have one in your gang, using the Ambot is simple. As this mechanical monstrosity does best at short range, you’ll want to use its Infiltrate skill to deliver it as close to your enemy as possible – then just sit back and watch the carnage! Armed with two tunnelling claws, each with an inbuilt melta, it’ll go through even the toughest armour with ease. For close-combat oriented gangs like House Goliath, the Ambot gives you another brutally effective frontline fighter, while for gangs that prefer to sit back and shoot, like the Van Saar, it makes for a superb distraction.

Indeed, if you’re willing to take a risk, you can opt to take the Ambot out of “Safe Mode” to give it extra attacks and the Berzerker (Ferocity) skill, allowing it to shred enemies up close – as well as any friendlies that happen to be standing next to it!
Be careful, however – while the Ambot is tough, it’s not invulnerable, and should it end up being captured, your opponent is allowed to add it to their gang without having to spend any credits!
Keep your Ambot alive for long enough, it’ll gain experience and skills like any other ganger, meaning across the course of a campaign, it’ll get even deadlier. This makes them a valuable addition to your roster even in the long run.

Ambots are even useful outside of combat! Should you own a Mine Workings territory, the Ambot will allow you to profit from it even further by letting you roll an extra D6 when working out your profits. All those extra credits should help you save up for another Ambot…
If your gang needs some extra close-combat punch, you can’t go wrong with an Ambot or two!

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