I know we are going to see new Chaos Mini's with this box set but I kept on thinking Dark Mechanicus from the from Teaser. Cant wait for this.

I have been hearing that this will be released towards the beginnings of March, with a pre-order dates starting possibly next weekend on the 23rd of February.

Warhammer 40,000: 

The Shadow War for Nemendghast – Part 1

+++ Incoming Message +++
+++ Security Grade: Classified Extremis
+++ Priority: Alpha-Ultima
+++ Sender: Librarian Maltis, Ultramarines 2nd Company, Strike Force Shadowspear
+++ Message Source: Nemendghast, Vigilus System
+++ Message reads
Message Ends +++
+++ Thought for the Day: There is no substitute for zeal +++

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