Today the Flesh Eater Courts are getting a Battletome Preview from Games Workshop. The new Battletome will be available for pre-orders this coming weekend!!

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Raise a toast to the king  Death Battletome: Flesh-eater Courts is almost upon us!
A long-time favourite among lore-fans and matched play maniacs alike, the Flesh-eater Courts are being brought in line with the latest battletomes, turning them into a force that’s more than ready for the battlefields of the new edition. In our latest preview this week, we’re delving into what the new book means for you.

First though, some lore  for if you’re a recent arrival in the Mortal Realms, you may be unaware of the strange curse of the Flesh-eater Courts…

Who are the Flesh-eater Courts?

Gleaming pennants flap in the wind. Shining swords are raised in triumph, and noble kings ride down upon evildoers wherever they hide!
At least, that’s how the Flesh-eater Courts see it  the truth is much darker…
Heirs to an ancient and terrible curse, the Flesh-eater Courts are ghoulish creatures of death trapped in a terrible delusion. Utterly lost to madness, they believe themselves nobles and knights of a bygone age, blissfully unaware of their true nature as degenerate, bloodstained cannibals. Swollen by feasts of flesh and dark magic. The mordants of the Flesh-eater Courts fight with horrible fury, capable of tearing men limb from limb with nothing but their taloned hands.

What’s in the Battletome?

The Story

The Flesh-eater Courts are a fan-favourite Warhammer Age of Sigmararmy, and for good reason – there’s something deliciously dark about their lore. You’ll be able to discover more horrifying details about these sinister ghouls in the battletome, with an in-depth look at their bizarre culture and tragic history  accompanied by some magnificently macabre art:

Allegiance Abilities

The Flesh-eater Courts allegiance abilities are similar to those found in the last General’s Handbook, but have been given some considerable improvements. As an alternative to picking a delusion for your army, you’ll have the choice of selecting a Grand Court instead (more on those below). Feeding Frenzy, a key Flesh-eater Courts ability, is also a bit better; rather than occasionally getting to fight twice in the same phase after you destroy a unit, it’s now a command ability, giving you much more freedom as to when you use it.
Effectively, if you’ve got the command points, you’ll be able to seriously pump up the offensive capabilities of your forces  we’d recommend taking a maximum-sized unit of something powerful like Crypt Horrorsfor the best possible results.

Grand Courts

Grand Courts are one of the coolest new features for Flesh-eater Courts, giving you further options for customising your army and adding extra thematic depth to these manic cannibals.

Chosen when writing your army list, Grand Courts represent the distinct subcultures of Flesh-eater Courts across the Mortal Realms. The Blisterskin Grand Court, for example, are scorched cannibals from Aqshy who worship the Realm of Light. Dedicate your army to them, and you’ll get loads of nifty abilities, such as a higher Move characteristic and extra command points.
Gristlegore, on the other hand, lets you make the most of your monsters, and even unlocks Royal Zombie Dragons and Royal Terrorgheists as Battleline choices!

Spell Lores

Flesh-eater Courts are getting their very own magical lore with the Lore of Madness  a versatile collection of spells that adds even more tactical depth to the army. One really handy spell is Blood Feast, which gives you yet another way to restore nearby units while maiming enemy forces.
You’ll also be able to improve your units’ mobility with Spectral Host  a useful spell that lets you fly over terrain and blocking units to make a deadly charge or grab a crucial objective.

Traits and Artefacts

Battletome: Flesh-eater Courts is packed with command traits and artefacts for customising your Heroes. Abhorrant and Courtier Heroesreceive command trait and artefact tables of their own, while there’s even a set of mount traits for your chosen Royal Zombie Dragon or Terrorgheist.

Death from the Skies, for instance, lets you plunge into the fray where you’ll deal the most damage.
We’ve just scratched the surface of what you’ll find in the new Flesh-eater Courts battletome!
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