Like a lot of you, I am a big fan of the Game of the Thrones. As we approach the final season of the show, which is far too few episodes (like they all are), you may be looking for something more hobby related. A Song of Ice and Fire may be just what you are looking for.

Hero from Hero's Gaming Blog has a series of articles he was wanting to share with us. Ive been talking to him the last few days, and if you are even a little interested in the game, this is worth your read.

So here is a quick excerpt and links to his site covering A Song of Ice and Fire.

Official Website for the game.

A Song of Ice and Fire Intro
A Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures game is one of the best table-top games that I've played in a long time.  No, seriously, and I don't say this often and without good reason.  At first, this game completely flew under my radar because I was wrapped up in other games.  Recently, I have been gearing up by re-watching all the seasons of Game of Thrones to prep myself for the final season.  One night, I remembered something:  Game of Thrones actually has a miniatures game!  After a quick jog down memory lane, I remembered that CMON created A Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures Game.

Starks and Lannisters Overview
When it comes to striking hard and striking fast, Stark is the faction to do it.  One of the many things I enjoy about the core set is that you have two factions that have radically different playstyles.  Just like it is in the books, the Starks and the Lannisters are probably the two houses most different from one another.  While the Lannisters rely on debuffs and abilities that stop your opponents from doing what they intend, Starks are all about battlefield combat and maneuver.  They see an opening and go for the jugular just like the Dire Wolf, their house sigil and in doing so, deliver massive damage to the enemies and leave them reeling.

Getting started with army building
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