Here is another great set of rumors that very much is following along with what I am hearing. The most important thing for me is the appearance of Vect.

Please remember that these are rumors. A good source, and remember that all rumors require a little salt.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Guess all the images leaked forced the studios hand early.

  • Guilliman, Cypher, the new Grey Knight model (I don't play GK, can't remember the name) are in a second Imperium box.
  • The eldar box contains the three models we saw in this month's white dwarf (so he doesn't know where that Eldrad model is, since they stopped making the box set he was in) but the fine cast is also sold out.
  • There is a fourth box coming with: Mortarion, Abaddon, Vect. He said Mortarion is nice and beefy (probably those images were legit) but that he's nowhere near the size of Magnus.
  • 8th edition will be very similar to the generals handbook from the get go with the "three ways to play" but codices aren't going anywhere, and nothing will be obsolete the way WHFB army books suddenly were. So, points based (what we already know and love), narrative, and AoS style. AoS style didn't even have WS/BS to hit. Managers have seen the new rules now, or at least a high level overview. Warhammer stores will be having a contest soon that involves all aspects of the hobby and winners get a sweet prize that involves a sneak peek at the rules.
  • Salt level reference: he's been saying guilliman and cypher for about 6 months, but he also said the contents of the eldar box would be eldrad, vect, and the visarch, which doesn't seem accurate now. He seems to get the models/books correct but the timing/packaging wrong. So I believe the models, but salty about the three packs. abandon and Mortarion and vect in one box? Eh...
  • Last thing, nobody knew anything about an edition just for 30k. More likely it's just "continue using 7th ed rules for now." 

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